Welcome to Life as a Stepford Wife: The Politics of Self-Care in the 19th Century

By Dr. Robert Davis / 02.15.2018 Professor Emeritus of History The Ohio State University Beauty and self-care has always been in conversation with contemporary politics, especially regarding race, gender, class, and privilege. While the concept of “self-care” has taken a prominent place in American society since the 2016 election, in the late 19th century, an explosion of cheap, readily[…]

Albert Eckhout’s Series of Eight Figures

Albert Eckhout, series of eight figures, 1641, oil on canvas (The National Museum of Denmark) Documenting the people of Brazil in the 17th century. By Dr. Rachel Zimmerman / 06.11.2018 Art Historian In 1630, the Dutch conquered the prosperous sugarcane-producing area in the northeast region of the Portuguese colony of Brazil. Although it only lasted[…]

The Life of Mary Custis Lee

American Civil War Museum By Kimberly J. Largent Editor Charge the Cannons Publishing Growing Up at Arlington Mary Custis Lee, great-granddaughter of First Lady Martha Washington, has been often portrayed in a negative light wherever her name appears in the annals. It is written that her debilitating arthritis turned her into a constant complainer and that[…]

Slavs: The Byzantine ‘Sclaveni’, Barbarian Enemies of Rome

Painting by Laurits Tuxen showing a Christian Bishop displacing an image of the pagan Slavic deities during the Christianisation process of the Slavic culture. Most the Slavic mythology and lore was lost during this time. / Photo by Laurits Tuxen, Wikimedia Commons The Slavs are the least documented group among the so called “barbarian” enemies of Rome during late[…]

The Avars: From Mongolia to the Pontic Steppe

East Roman Empire, 6th century CE, showing the territories of the Avars, Goths, Franks, Lombards, Saxons, Thuringians, Slavs. / Image by William R. Shepherd, Wikimedia Commons The Avars were a confederation of heterogeneous people consisting of Rouran, Hephthalites, and Turkic-Oghuric races who migrated to the region of the Pontic Grass Steppe (an area corresponding to modern-day Ukraine. By Dr. Joshua J. Mark / 12.17.2014[…]