Delacroix at the Met: A Non-Revolutionary Depicting a Revolution

Eugène Delacroix’s ‘Self-Portrait in a Green Vest’ (1837). Wikimedia Commons Through his art and his travels, 19th-century French Romantic painter Eugène Delacroix sought to understand the chaos of an era he called ‘the century of unbelievable things.’ By Dr. Claire Black McCoy / 09.14.2018 Professor of Art History Columbus State University I’m an art historian[…]

Tribunes in Ancient Rome: The Voice of the People

Gaius Gracchus Weeping Before his Fathers Statue, engraved by B.Barloccini, 1849 Tribunes protected the plebs from any abuses by magistrates and received loyalty in return. By Mark Cartwright / 12.07.2016 Historian Introduction A Roman coin depicting a citizen voting. Silver denarius of L. Cassius Longinus, 63 BCE. (Archaeological Museum, Tarragona, Spain) / Photo by Mark[…]