Up and Out: Journalism, Social Media, and Historical Sensibility

Exploring a deeper interrogation of the relationship between technology, historical scholarship, and more presentist social science. By Dr. C.W. Anderson Associate Professor of Communication College of Staten Island City University of New York Much of the modern theorizing about journalism and communication attained its robustness due to a powerful convergence of distinct middle-range scholarly findings that[…]

A Cultural Approach to Communication

Recasting studies of communication in terms of a ritual model. By Dr. James W. Carey Communication Theorist, Former Professor of Journalism Columbia University I When I decided some years ago to read seriously the literature of communications, a wise man suggested I begin with John Dewey. It was advice I have never regretted accepting. Although there are[…]

The McKeown Thesis: A Historical Controversy and Its Enduring Influence

The historical analyses of Thomas McKeown regarding global population growth from 1700 to the present stirred controversy, and its influence remains. ‘ By Dr. James Colgrove Professor of Sociomedical Sciences Columbia University Abstract The historical analyses of Thomas McKeown attributed the modern rise in the world population from the 1700s to the present to broad[…]

From Town Criers to Newsprint: The Evolution of Early Newspapers in England

At the dawn of the 17th century, early newspapers began to replace oral news. 10.28.2012 Theory behind the Emergence of the Newspaper At the dawn of the 17th century, early newspapers began to replace oral news by manufacturing natural events to fit a single page. Bolter (2001) would refer to this shift in communication as[…]

Accidents, Injuries, and Illness in the Ancient City

The Acropolis at Athens painted by Leo von Klenze (1784–1864) / Public Domain Reviewing short, illustrated case narratives about accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses based on archaeological evidence from urban antiquity.  By Dr. Susan R. Holman Global Health Education and Learning Incubator (GHELI) Harvard University Ancient Egypt: Working for Pharaoh at Tell el-Amarna Archaeologist Barry[…]