Mediatization and the Language of Journalism

Creative Commons At the intersection of applied linguistics and journalism studies lies media linguistics.    By Dr. Tom Van Hout (left) and Dr. Peter Burger (right) Hout: Lecturer in Journalism and New Media Burger: Lecturer in Journalism and New Media Leiden University Abstract At the intersection of applied linguistics and journalism studies lies media linguistics.[…]

The Significance and Meaning of Street Art in the Middle East

A massive mural of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump engaged in a passionate kiss was unveiled Sunday morning, October 29, 2017, painted on the West Bank security barrier near the West Bank city of Bethlehem. REUTERS/Mussa Qawasma Street art is a contemporary culture that is ever-growing and transitioning in significance and meaning.[…]

A History of Cold War Surveillance and Its Legacies

Lockheed U 2C Surveillance Aircraft / Photo by Greg Goebel, Wikimedia Commons Much of contemporary surveillance, with its reliance on remote sensors, big data, networks, and algorithmic simulations, has its origins in early Cold War technologies that were designed to provide air defense surveillance. By Dr. John MacWillie Associate Professor of Media and Communication University[…]

A History of the Cold War and Its Effect on Militarization in Law Enforcement

North Penn Tactical Response Team of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, practicing Cellular Team Tactics / Photo by Tim McAteer, Wikimedia Commons To find the origins of modern militarized policing, we have to look back to the Cold War. By Dr. Joy Rohde / 10.22.2014 Assistant Professor of Public Policy University of Michigan To find the origins[…]

Visible Violence: Head and Face Wounds in Early Medieval Europe to 1000 CE

An unhealed gash on the forehead suggests that the man died a violent death, perhaps in battle. / Photo by Mauro Rubini, Creative Commons Head and facial trauma were the most serious of injuries in early medieval society due to their very visibility. By Dr. Patricia Skinner Professor of Early and Middle Medieval Europe Swansea University[…]

Violence in Ancient Rome: Behavioral and Ideological Evolution

Inside Rome’s Colosseum visitors can view the chambers that once held animals and contenders below the arena floor. / Photo by Senior Airman Alex Wieman, Wikimedia  Commons The Roman state imposed a behavioral change that would over time alter the mix of genotypes, thus facilitating a subsequent ideological change. By Dr. Peter Frost Professor of Anthropology[…]