Woodrow Wilson and Consequential Armistice Decisions

The heads of the “Big Four” nations at the Paris Peace Conference, 27 May 1919. From left to right: David Lloyd George, Vittorio Orlando, Georges Clemenceau, and Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson has received generally high grades for presidential leadership in surveys of historians, political scientists, and biographers. Is that valid? By Dr. Robert Brent Toplin / 11.08.2018 Professor Emeritus[…]

Woodrow Wilson and the Entry of the U.S. into World War I

Wilson campaign vehicle, New York City, March 1916: “Who Keeps Us Out of War?” How idealistic was he, really?    By Dr. Roger Peace (left) and Dr. Jeremy Kuzmarov / 11.10.2018 Peace: Adjunct Professor of History, Tallahassee Community College Kuzmarov: Lecturer in History, Tulsa Community College World War One marked a turning point in human[…]

The Great War’s Unfinished Agenda

Much of our world today is what they fought against. By Dr. David Del Testa / 11.09.2018 Associate Professor of History Bucknell University As the world collectively gathers to remember those who fought in World War I a century ago, it’s tempting to consider this milestone as just a vestige of the past revisited only[…]

India as a British Colony in World War I and World War II

From the largest volunteer army to the secret agent Noor Inayat Khan, examining the contributions made by South Asians in World War One and Two.      By (left-to-right) Dr. Susheila Nasta, Dr. Florian Stadtler, and Dr. Rozina Visram Nasta: Chair in Modern Literature, The Open University Stadtler: Senior Lecturer in Postcolonial Literatures, University of Exeter Visram: Author and Historian Introduction Asian[…]

Commemorating the ‘Great War,’ America’s Forgotten Conflict

Doughboys fighting in France, 1917. Associated Press It was ‘the Good War,’ the ‘war to end all wars.’ So why has World War I been largely forgotten by Americans? Dr. G. Kurt Piehler / 11.10.2018 Associate Professor of History Florida State University World War I was still a living memory for most Americans when I was growing up in the 1960s and early[…]