Japanese-American Soldiers and the Military Intelligence Service in World War II

Sometimes, stories of heroism reveal themselves in the most unusual and humble ways. By Sandra Vea The Thirty-Year Secret Sometimes, stories of heroism reveal themselves in the most unusual and humble ways. That was the case with Masao Abe, a second generation Japanese-American, or Nisei. Masao served in World War II as an interpreter with the[…]

Propaganda for Japanese-American Internment during World War II

After the attack by the Japanese Empire on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, American attitudes towards people of Japanese ancestry indicated a strong sense of racism. Introduction Propaganda for Japanese-American internment is a form of propaganda created between 1941 and 1944 within the United States that focused on the relocation of Japanese-Americans from the West Coast to internment[…]

John Thomson’s 19th-Century Chinese Treaty-Port Imagery

Westerners were a feature of late-19th-century China, albeit a much smaller presence than Thomson would have us believe. In subscribing to the views and types protocol, Thomson was no different than most 19th-century commercial photographers working in Asia. This simple dichotomy provided a convenient means to organize and present large inventories to potential customers, and[…]

John Thomson’s China, 1873: Reframing the Past

Thomson’s photographic medium possessed qualities that draw the attention of viewers and lay claim to a degree of visual authority. Formats and Picture Size Thomson used three formats for the scenic views in Illustrations of China and Its People. The smallest images (roughly 3.5 in. square) are grouped four to a page; medium sized images[…]

Jonathan Lambert: The King of the Islands of Refreshment, 1812

Lambert literally represented one quarter of the new nation. The Islands of Refreshment consisted of four people. An elderly sea elephant lies dozing on a beach. It is a spring morning, and the year is 1812. Unbeknownst to the sea elephant, the patch of sand on which it rests happens to be the most geographically[…]