Marie Colvin: The Work of a Journalist Who Died for Truth

The Syrian army, honing in on her satellite phone, targeted an artillery strike on the building where she was reporting from. By James Thornton HarrisIndependent Historian 2018 was an annus horribilis for freedom of the press.  Reporters Without Borders announced that 63 professional journalists were killed, of whom 49 were specifically targeted for death by an army or[…]

Aspiring to a Higher Plane: A Mathematical Fiction in 1884

In 1884 Edwin Abbott Abbott published Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, perhaps the first ever book that could be described as “mathematical fiction”. Ian Stewart, author of Flatterland and The Annotated Flatland, introduces the strange tale of the geometric adventures of A. Square. This article, Aspiring to a Higher Plane: A Mathematical Fiction in 1884, was originally published[…]

The ‘Arithmetica’ of Diophantus: Cracking Open Centuries-Old Mathematical Puzzles

Mathematicians have known how to solve something called an S-unit equation for several years. However, the process is so convoluted that few can actually use it to tackle their problems. In mathematics, no researcher works in true isolation. Even those who work alone use the theorems and methods of their colleagues and predecessors to develop[…]

Lycia: Mysterious Sea Peoples of Ancient Southwest Anatolia

Lycians are associated with a group known as the Sea Peoples in Hittite and Egyptian texts. Introduction Lycia is a mountainous region in south-west Anatolia (also known as Asia Minor, modern-day Turkey). The earliest references to Lycia can be traced through Hittite texts to sometime before 1200 BCE, where it is known as the Lukka[…]

Side: The ‘Pomegranate’ Greek Colony in Ancient Anatolia (Modern Turkey)

Strabo tells us that the city of Side was founded around the 7th century BCE by Greek colonizers from Kyme in Aeolis. By Dr. Jenni IrvingAncient Historian Introduction Side (Σίδη, meaning pomegranate) is located in the region of Pamphylia in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) and was both a prosperous Aegean trading centre in Hellenistic and Roman[…]