Pox in the City

From cows to controversy, the smallpox vaccine triumphed. Not malaria. Not cholera. Not AIDS, influenza, measles, or tuberculosis. Not even bubonic plague. No disease in history has destroyed more lives than the “speckled monster,” smallpox. The pattern repeated itself in every empire: Egyptian, Hittite, Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and Chinese. Outbreaks always started subtly, with flu-like[…]

Arsenic: The “Poison of Kings” and the “Saviour of Syphilis”

The toxic properties of arsenic were known by Hippocrates in 370 BCE. By John Frith Introduction Arsenic is a substance that has been well known to both the ‘healer’ and the ‘poisoner’ throughout history.  It is ubiquitous in  our environment and it is a potent neurological and liver toxin as well as a lung, bladder[…]

How to Homeschool Your Kids While Schools Are Closed

Parents around the country are facing uncertainty and anxiety about the coronavirus or Covid-19 and that’s paired with the fact that schools around the country are canceled for at least the next few weeks. In that time, parents are encouraged to continue helping their children learn, but it’s challenging to know where to start with[…]