The Political Life of Herbert Hoover

Hoover’s efforts to combat the Great Depression have defined his presidency and his place in American history. By Dr. David E. HamiltonProfessor of HistoryUniversity of Kentucky Introduction Upon accepting the Republican nomination for President in 1928, Herbert Hoover predicted that “We in America today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before[…]

Daniel Defoe’s ‘Journal of the Plague Year’, 1722

Reports reached London in 1720 and 1721 that the plague had already killed tens of thousands in Marseilles. Almost three hundred years ago, in 1722, shortly after he published Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe wrote a similarly fact-based fictional narrative—A Journal of the Plague Year—to warn of what to expect if the bubonic plague were to afflict[…]

The Great Plague of London, 1665-1666

It was the last widespread outbreak of bubonic plague in England during the 400-year Second Pandemic. Introduction The Great Plague, lasting from 1665 to 1666, was the last major epidemic of the bubonic plague to occur in England. It happened within the centuries-long Second Pandemic, a period of intermittent bubonic plague epidemics which originated in[…]

A History of Korean Literature since the Classical Period

The development of Korean literature is quite unique due to the creation of a complete new language and writing system. Introduction Korean literature is the body of literature produced in Korea or by Korean writers. For much of history, it was written both in classical Chinese and in Korean, first using the transcription systems idu[…]

A History of Korean Architecture since the Neolithic Period

A history of architecture favoring practicality, frugality, and harmony with nature. Introduction Korean architecture refers to the architecture of Korea. The early stages of Korean architecture date to the Neolithic period; archaeological evidence of ondol, the unique Korean floor panel heating system, was found among the remains of the burnished plain pottery culture. For the[…]

Decision-Making Abilities: Tricks to Improve Your Talent

Life is all about making important decisions for your love, career, education, responsibilities, etc. You have to understand the good and bad elements before making a decision. All these things involve lots of stress and pressure. If you want to avoid bad decisions, prepare yourself to understand a situation even in stress. Fortunately, you can[…]