‘Typhoid Mary’: A Maligned Immigrant Who Got a Bum Rap

Mary Mallon is perhaps the most prominent example in the U.S. of the unknowing disease carrier. Introduction The country’s most notable healthy carrier of a deadly disease, Mary Mallon, is back – not in person, but as a hashtag: #TyphoidMary. In the current pandemic, people may unknowingly harbor and spread the coronavirus before they feel[…]

Leprosy and the Colonial Gaze in the Dutch West and East Indies, 1750–1950

Leprosy and compulsory segregation were connected through the ‘colonial gaze’. Abstract This article is looking at colonial governance with regard to leprosy, comparing two settings of the Dutch colonial empire: Suriname and the Dutch East Indies. Whereas segregation became formal policy in Suriname, leprosy sufferers were hardly ever segregated in the Dutch East Indies. We[…]

The Evolution of Federalism in the United States

The period between 1819 and the 1860s had the national government and the states in a push and pull working out a design. Introduction The Constitution sketches a federal framework that aims to balance the forces of decentralized and centralized governance in general terms; it does not flesh out standard operating procedures that say precisely[…]

Federalism, the Founders, and the Constitution

As the Union grew during the two centuries after the founding, state constitutions increasingly included enumerations of rights. Introduction In the United States, the organizing principle of federalism distributes power between the national government and the state governments, both of whose powers rest on written constitutions and both of which can act directly on individuals.[…]

Caesar Hath the Falling Sickness: Disability in Shakespearean Drama

What if we understand the play as a story about the disabled body as it was configured in the early modern cultural imagination? Abstract This essay investigates William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar as a disability narrative. In doing so, it reveals that “disabled” was an operational identity category in the early modern period[…]

Mark Antony: Popular Tribune to Fallen Consul

Antony was popular as a tribune and sought vengeance for Caesar before joining Cleopatra and falling out of favor with the people. Introduction Marcus Antonius (l. 83-30 BCE, known popularly as Mark Antony) was a Roman general and statesman best known for his love affair with Cleopatra VII (l. c.69-30 BCE) of Egypt. As Julius Caesar’s[…]

Exam Dumps – A Secret Tip to Nail Your Microsoft 70-487 Exam

Microsoft is one of the most trusted vendors when it comes to certifying IT professionals. Recruiting teams from international companies always give an advantage to candidates who add the Microsoft badge to their resume. If you have been building a career as a web developer for at least three years, already have the MCSA Web[…]