Exam Dumps – A Secret Tip to Nail Your Microsoft 70-487 Exam

Microsoft is one of the most trusted vendors when it comes to certifying IT professionals. Recruiting teams from international companies always give an advantage to candidates who add the Microsoft badge to their resume.

If you have been building a career as a web developer for at least three years, already have the MCSA Web Applications or Universal Windows Platform badge and possess practical experience in developing solutions based on ASP.NET MVC platforms, then you can upgrade with the MCSD App Builder certification. In case you meet all the mentioned requirements, the only thing you should do to earn this badge is to pass the Microsoft 70-487 exam.

This article will help you understand the main features of 70-487 and what training options you can use to obtain the passing score. Also, we will tell you more about how to use exam dumps in your preparation for this test.

Microsoft 70-487 Exam Details

So, the Microsoft ExamSnap Practice Test Dumps exam is a popular choice among IT professionals who want to take one step further in their careers. Candidates will have to demonstrate strong knowledge in using different types of technology like Microsoft Azure and the 2017 version of the Visual Studio program. Also, they should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Between three to five years of experience managing solutions based on ASP.NET MVC platforms
  • Experience using Microsoft Azure and other similar web applications
  • Knowledge on how to develop a complete life cycle for software and data solutions
  • Proven experience in developing and designing asynchronous solutions and HTTP services

To pass 70-487 exam you should successfully complete the tasks that cover the following domains:

  • Data access— exam-takers should be able to demonstrate that they know how to implement transactions, data storage, and caching. Also, they have the necessary knowledge to work with technologies related to data access and can implement WCF data services.
  • Data manipulation and querying using different platforms— candidates should be familiar with working with different environments like Entity Framework, LINQ, or ADO.NET to manipulate and query data.
  • Developing and managing different services based on Web API environments—candidates will have to solve tasks related to Web API design, implementation, security, and management.
  • Web services design and implementation— some of the skills tested in this section are the ability to implement and monitor different web services like Azure.
  • Deployment strategy— exam-takers will be asked to prove their experience in deploying and managing different web services and applications.

Any candidate interested in taking 70-487 exam should pay a fee of $165.

Now that you are familiar with the exam structure and the skills you need to possess to pass the test, you should also know more about the available training resources. Keep reading this article and discover how Microsoft can help you train for 70-487 exam visit https://www.certbolt.com/ .

Microsoft Training Resources to Pass 70-487 Exam

The official source of training materials which most students visit first when they decide to take 70-487 test is the Microsoft website. It offers different study options that will help you improve your knowledge on designing and developing web applications. They are as follows:

  • Online training — exam-takers will learn everything about Azure cloud features during a 5-week online course spending 2-3 hours a week.
  • Instructor-led training —candidates will spend five days in an intensive training that covers all exam topics. This fast-paced experience will help them understand the required concepts and have their questions answered by skilled Microsoft trainers.
  • Exam-prep video— these prep talk is amazing for those test-takers who want to get a short overview of the test before sitting for it. You will know the basic things about the exam topics and some tips from Microsoft experts.
  • Self-paced training—this option offers you the flexibility to learn on your own schedule. You will discover various modules that teach you about Azure fundamentals and how to manage different web-based applications.
  • Official practice test —this preparation method is important to help you become familiar with the exam environment. You can test your knowledge and evaluate your chances of passing 70-487 exam by trying the practice test available on the Microsoft website.
  • Forums and books — community forums are a great source of information as you can share ideas and ask questions to other fellow exam-takers. Also, you can buy the book dedicated to this exam from the Microsoft Press Store.

Why You Should Check ExamSnap Materials for 70-487 Exam?

Microsoft training options are very useful for any candidate as they grow his/her chances to obtain the passing score. However, the exam’s difficulty is above average and many test-takers have troubles when taking this test. That is why it’s important to use some other prep materials.

One of the reliable options is ExamSnap which provides the candidates with sets of questions and answers uploaded by successful past exam-takers. You can use these free vcefiles to get in-depth knowledge on exam topics, but you will gain a competitive advantage over other candidates if you try the Premium Bundle. In this case, apart from getting access to the premium file for 70-487 assessment, you will receive a training course containing 54 lectures. The price for this bundle is very affordable in comparison to the value it offers: you can download it for just $34,99.

The dumps are provided in VCE format which means that you will need the VCE Exam Simulator to open them.This is one more advantage for you because after training in this software you’ll know the structure of the exam, will be used to time limits and also will know what score you can gain due to the reports on your results which the program will offer you after every attempt.


Passing the Microsoft 70-487 exam helps you take a step further in your career. To take it with no difficulties, choose a training for this course so as to gain Azure skills and know how to manage and deploy different web solutions.While Microsoft study options can be very effective, ExamSnap’s exam dumps can help you get a deeper understanding of the test’s objectives. Pass this assessment, earn the MCSD App Builder certification and demonstrate to any recruiting team that you have the necessary skills to develop and design web applications to meet their business requirements.