Struck by Los Angeles, a City of Creative Free-Form

An L.A. tour to remember architect Frank Israel. By Maristella Casciato and Johnny Tran “If all roads lead to Rome, as many roads now depart from Los Angeles,” Frank Israel wrote in his 1992 essay “Cities Within.” For Israel, Los Angeles was linked with Rome, “the eternal city.” He believed that urban forms inspired creative[…]

A Gateway to the West: The Construction of the St. Louis Arch, 1963-1965

The formal beginnings of establishing the Arch, its grounds, and museum actually date to 1935. Introduction It rises gracefully toward the sky, then elegantly curves back toward Earth as the combined waters of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers swiftly flow by at its base—a symbol of the accomplishments and dreams that drive the American experience.[…]

1964: The Election that Turned American Politics Tribal

The was the election that defined the modern GOP. President Donald Trump’s brazen flirtation with white supremacy finally blew up in the January 6 siege of Capitol Hill. But as he clasped onto white nationalism –famously directing from the presidential debate stage “Proud Boys: Stand back and stand by”— few in his party voiced objections.[…]