Reading Times for Newspapers and Periodicals in Victorian England

Time, like place, is socially constructed rather than ‘natural’, and so one might expect ideas of time to be influenced by cultural change. Introduction Time is part of the very name of ‘newspaper’, with its promise of something new, and of ‘periodical’, suggesting something published at regular intervals. Time is also part of their nature,[…]

Reading Places for Newspapers and Periodicals in Victorian England

These reading places confirmed the centrality of periodical print to Victorian culture. Introduction We need to know where the local newspaper was read to understand how it was read, because the same texts take on different meanings in different places.[1] The same report of a Preston football victory over Blackburn has opposite meanings, of success[…]

Logbooks and Journals of Nantucket Whalers in the 19th Century

The 19th-century whale hunt was a brutal business, awash with blubber, blood, and the cruel destruction of life. This article, The Art of Whaling: Illustrations from the Logbooks of Nantucket Whaleships, was originally published in The Public Domain Review under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0. If you wish to reuse it please see: The first European[…]

A Newly-Discovered Masterpiece by J.M.W. Turner

The romantic, 20th-century interpretation of Turner’s unexhibited oil paintings has been that they represent his release from convention. Nothing is more exciting for the lover of art than the totally unexpected appearance of a masterpiece by a great artist. That two such masterpieces by J. M. W. Turner should turn up in a private collection in Paris[…]