Dogs and Their Collars in the Age of Enlightenment

Dog collars, which were previously utilitarian devices for controlling the animals, became ornate works of art. Introduction In medieval and Renaissance Europe, dogs were considered little more than ‘machines’ which performed certain tasks, such as guarding a home or tracking game, but this view changed significantly during the Age of Enlightenment (also known as the Age[…]

Dogs and Their Collars in Ancient Mesoamerica

It seems to have been thought that these would restrict the dog’s movement between worlds. Introduction Dogs were an integral aspect of the lives of the people of Mesoamerica regardless of their location or culture and, throughout the region, were recognized as liminal beings belonging not only to the natural world and that of humans[…]

Pets in the Ancient Mediterranean

Some examples of pets in ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Persian, Greek, and Roman art. By Arienne King The history of mankind is interwoven with the domestication of animals. Dogs may have been domesticated in prehistoric Europe perhaps as long as 36,000 years ago. The first cats are thought to have been domesticated in Egypt, while the invention of the[…]