Past and Present: Ted Soqui’s Icons of Protest

The photojournalist reflects on covering L.A.’s protest history and making artists’ books. By Isotta PoggiAcquisitions and Exhibitions of PhotographsGetty Institute Introduction During a recent virtual interview from his studio in Los Angeles, photojournalist Ted Soqui shared some of the essential gadgets for his profession like a gas mask, a drone, and of, course, his camera.[…]

Elijah Lovejoy Faced Down Violent Mobs to Champion Abolition and Press Freedom in 1837

Lovejoy belonged to a small fraternity of editor who used their printing presses in the decades before the Civil War to call for an end to chattel slavery. By Ken EllingwoodFormer Staff WriterLos Angeles Times It was gratifying that Rep. Jamie Raskin would invoke an obscure 19th century newspaper editor while laying out the impeachment[…]

Listen and Learn: Historic Protest Movements in Every Decade

Highlighting the trends that have defined us from the 1920s to now. Presentation by The History Channel The early twentieth century saw the unfolding of many social conflicts. Notably, the Great Depression again reduced millions of workers to unemployment. Marches took place in almost all major cities, to demand work and aid, to help prevent[…]

Robert Owen: Fruitlands Agrarian Commune and Radical Equality in 1825

This wealthy textile manufacturer harbored ambitions that went far beyond the well-being of his own workforce and depleted his fortune. Introduction Do you have a work schedule that leaves you with enough time off the clock to rest up and handle your other responsibilities? If so, you might owe something to Robert Owen, a wealthy industrialist[…]

Featured Scholar: Elizabeth K. Hinton – A History of Modern Protest

From one of our top historians, a groundbreaking story of policing and “riots” that shatters our understanding of the post–civil rights era. Book by Dr. Elizabeth K. HintonAssociate Professor of History & African American Studies and Professor of LawYale University What began in spring 2020 as local protests in response to the killing of George[…]

Maypole Mayhem: Puritan Canceling of May Day, and Attacking Native Americans, in 1628

The Puritans had little tolerance for those who didn’t conform to their vision of the world. Introduction Ever since the ancient Romans decided to honor the agricultural goddess Flora with lewd spectacles in the Circus Maximus, the beginning of May has signaled the coming of spring, a time of revival after a long, dark winter. In[…]

How to Use Online Dating Sites Safely

For singles keen to interact with potential partners, the possibilities offered by joining a dating site are immense. For previous generations, people could only engage in conversations with those individuals who happened to be sharing their location, be that a singles bar, nightclub, or some other social function. Nowadays, anyone with access to a WiFi[…]