Philadelphia 1844: When Protestants Burned Catholic Churches in the Name of “Religious Liberty”

Political anti-Catholicism gained new adherents in the 1830s that culminated in violence. By Dr. Zachary M. SchragProfessor of HistoryGeorge Mason University Former U.S. senator Rick Santorum has deservedly lost his position at CNN for his April speech in which he described all of Native American culture as “nothing.” But he made that remark in service[…]

Art and Religion: The Investiture Controversy in the Holy Roman Empire

The investiture dispute grew gradually in the 11th century between the Catholic Church and the German Salian Dynasty. By Michael GriffithHistorian Introduction The Investiture Controversy, also referred to as the Investiture Contest or Investiture Dispute, was a conflict lasting from 1076 to 1122 between the papacy of the Catholic Church and the Salian Dynasty of German monarchs[…]

Constantine’s Conversion to Christianity

Although Constantine is acclaimed as the first emperor to embrace Christianity, he was not technically the first to legalize it. Introduction Constantine I (Flavius Valerius Constantinus) was Roman emperor from 306-337 CE and is known to history as Constantine the Great for his conversion to Christianity in 312 CE and his subsequent Christianization of the Roman Empire. His conversion was motivated in part[…]

Betrayed with a Kiss: Biblical Stories and Historicity of Judas Iscariot

We can find no earlier evidence than Mark of a story of betrayal or this individual. Introduction Judas Iscariot was one of the original disciples of Jesus of Nazareth (d. c. 30 CE), one of the twelve apostles. For handing Jesus over to the authorities, as described in the gospels, he has become the epitome of the act of betrayal in[…]

Transformation of the Casino Industry with the Help of Technology

Learn how modern technology changes the world of gambling for the better as it makes your favorite games more accessible, enjoyable, and more immersive Modern technology defines our daily lives as we slowly realize that technological progress has no end, but it is just an endless ride forward. Modern gadgets facilitate every aspect of our[…]