4 Games That Require Supreme Mental Alertness

Studies show that board games and even video games are good for your brain health

When people play games, it promotes the growth of new neurons in your brain. The new brain cells enhance your mental skills, including your attention span, memory, and coordination. 

Want to really challenge your body and mind? These games require the utmost focus and mental alertness. Test your mettle against them.

1. Settlers of Catan

If you haven’t heard of Settlers of Catan, you’ve been missing out on one of the most popular board games out there. 

In the game, you’re a new immigrant to the land of Catan. You build up your settlement by collecting resources based on where you’ve already settled on the board. Collect sheep, wheat, brick, and wood resource cards to build roads, settlements, and cities. 

The first person to build a settlement worth 10 points wins. 

2. Blockus 

If you enjoy puzzle games for adults, try playing a round of Blockus. 

Blockus is a strategy game in which you attempt to cover the game board with more of your colored pieces than your opponents. But, the hard part is that each new piece you play has to touch one of your previous pieces only diagonally. 

Use your oddly-shaped pieces strategically so you don’t get stuck. Try to block off other players from placing their pieces in different areas of the board to increase your chances of winning. 

3. Escape Room Game

If you’re looking for a more immersive board game experience, try out an escape room

In escape rooms, you and your friends are trapped in a room until you solve puzzles and find a way out.

The puzzles and decor all follow a theme and storyline to increase the immersive experience. You can solve everything from kidnapping to discovering a hidden jungle treasure. 

4. Lumosity Brain Training

Lumosity games are brain training exercises that you can play on your own through an app. 

There are a variety of different games, made to test everything from your memory to problem-solving. There are also more complex options like math or word problems available. 

To start, you create a profile and play a few introduction games. You can identify specific skills you want to work on, or the app can choose which areas to concentrate on. 

Then, log on every day and play a few fun games. The app will track your progress and let you know how your skills are improving.

Increase Your Mental Alertness While Having Fun

Increasing your mental alertness doesn’t have to mean sitting around and doing math problems. Try out a few of these games and activities to have fun while exercising your mind. 

If you have a few friends, head to an escape room or stay home and play Settlers of Catan. If you’re looking for something a little calmer with fewer people, try a game of Blockus. And if you’re all alone, you can always play some Lumosity Brain Training games. 

Another great way to increase your mental awareness is through learning. Browse our site for a variety of academic and news articles for your reading enjoyment.



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