4 Ways to Use Microsoft MS-100 Exam for IT Career Success. Are Practice Tests Important during Preparation?


The learning path that Microsoft takes you through while seeking a certification can make you nothing short of an expert in your field. That’s why for those seeking to be enterprise administrators, they should consider stepping out to the job market with a Microsoft badge. It’s essential, therefore, that they take and pass the Certbolt.com . This post gives you different ways that this assessment will make you attractive to employers. Let’s learn more about this exam as we discover if practice tests are important during your prep process.

More about Exam MS-100

Working with Microsoft 365 as an enterprise administrator requires prior skills that you can only obtain through two exams. They are MS-100 and AZ-104 Exam . As soon as you conform to these tests’ requirements, Microsoft will award you with a credential called Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert. Let’s see in what ways MS-100 test will assist you in succeeding in your IT career.

4 Ways Exam MS-100 Help You Succeed in Your IT Career

The Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure enables candidates to develop various abilities that are essential in their administration role. Here are the ways this assessment is of benefit to you:

  • You gain 365 enterprise administrator skills

This test helps you develop the strengths to evaluate, plan, deploy, migrate, and manage the services of 365. You’ll be fulfilling management tasks like identities, compliance, security as well as supporting technologies. This is possible as you work your way through the objectives using various study methods that include official courses from Microsoft, practice tests, study guides, and online courses among others.

  • You get certified with a reputable vendor

The expert certification obtained by MS-700 and the second assessment demonstrates that you’ve gone through the whole path. Possessing a Microsoft badge implies to those who wish to employ you that you’re going to be an indispensable person in the company. No one can ignore a Microsoft certification as it validates quality and excellence!

  • Demonstrates readiness for your job role

There’s no way to show your preparedness for your 365 enterprise administrator role than to pass the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals and the subsequent one. During your study, you’ll be taken through the 365 workloads for Microsoft. You’ll also master critical areas like server administration, networking, IT fundamentals like PowerShell, Active Directory, and DNS. All this is in preparation for your responsibilities!

  • Prepares you for great job opportunities and salary

The ultimate goal for most exam candidates is to get the job they’ve always coveted. And once you’re armed with a Microsoft badge, this will be actualized. You’ll set yourself up for roles like systems administrator, senior systems engineer, and network administrator. For any of these posts, PayScale.com opines that your average pay per annum could be $87,881 Click .


Working hard as you prepare for the Microsoft MS-100 exam will not be in vain. Having considered the ways in which this test can be rewarding to you, it’s time to give serious thought to it. And due to the multiple prep materials within reach, it’s time to make a move. Consider planning yourself for it immediately, and then go for great exam prep tools like practice tests, revision guides, courses, and more.



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