5 Mysteries in U.S. History That Are Yet To Be Solved

Mysteries in general are very exciting as they have a way of letting our minds wander and develop exciting scenarios of their own. But real mysteries that no one has managed to solve until this very day are even more fascinating. There are many historical mysteries of this type that are not even widely known among the public and some of them can get extremely exciting and thrilling.

These mysteries are a part of US history and it never hurts to learn about them and improve our history knowledge. There is so much information about the US history on the Internet that you may feel confused about where to start. A lifetime is not enough to read all the books and academic papers on mysterious historical events. Moreover, as the progress advances scientists are able to tell even more about the past. However, it does not always help to solve the mysterious and they become subjects that many history major students research and study. Needless to say, there are tons of history essay examples that will become your starting point and can help you dramatically improve your general knowledge. You can start your fascinating journey into the jungles of the US history by reading this short article. Let’s dive right in.

The Dan B. Cooper Case

The Dan Cooper case is an exciting example of the only unsolved case of air piracy which happened in the aviation history. This case involves money theft. The crime took place in 1971 when he was able to extort $200,000 by hijacking a Boeing 727. Those $200,000 then are equivalent to $1,280,000 in 2020.

The case might not be one of the biggest mysteries in the US but it is definitely unique. The fact that it is the only case in its specific field makes it one of a kind and the fact that the man responsible was never found and never used the money makes the case very popular.

The Mary Celeste Mystery

The Mary Celeste is not a person but an American merchant brigantine – a two-masted sailing vessel. A very strange mystery lies behind this case as the ship was discovered completely deserted in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

This unsolved historical mystery dates way back to 1872 and it was never discovered how it came to the position that it was found in to this very day. There are many theories but none is supported as there is no evidence of where the crew went and what might have happened to them. This case sounds exciting among history students as no one was ever able to discover the mystery behind the deserted ship.

The Yuba County Five Case

Here is an interesting murder case that has managed to baffle the authorities ever since its development. This mystery involves the death of 4 men and the immediate disappearance of the fifth man in their group.

It all started when one day, five men with mild intellectual problems attended a college basketball game and after it, four of them were found dead and the fifth, well, he was never to be seen ever since. There is a lot of disturbing information about this case and these men’s lives that is enough to write countless essays on history about them.

The Tara Calico Mystery

It just keeps getting stranger with all of these crazy mysteries as this is one more mysterious case that no one has been able to put together. The case involves a teenager known as Tara Calico from New Mexico who went missing on September 20th in 1988. After going out to play tennis, Tara never returned home and every lead on her always led to a dead end. A mysterious photo of her tied up was discovered a year later but the person behind this and the girl were never found.

The Jeanette Depalma Case

This case involves another teenager who had quite the unfortunate death. This story begins when in 1972, a dog in New Jersey brought a bone of a human’s forearm back home. This event prompted a police investigation that led to the discovery of Jeanette Depalma’s body. A girl who was missing for 6 weeks and whose killers and abductors had disappeared without a trace.

These are a few of the many historic mysteries in the US that are yet to be solved. Learning about exciting yet tragic events such as these is always thrilling and I’m sure that every history major can agree. Do your research, read articles and essays on history and you’ll never need to read another fiction book in your life. Simple because the real world is a much more mysterious place.