5 Ways You Marketed Your Business in the 80s vs. Today

Over the years, marketing has evolved, been re-shaped by trends, and innovated by contemporary technologies to bring about a major transformation. Today, marketing is not only vastly different from how we did it in the 80s, there are essentially different kinds and dimensions to it.

Marketing is multi-dimensional today

In the 80s, marketing a business would essentially mean knocking at individual house doors with samples or telemarketing. There were newspaper ads and radio commercials, and later TV adverts.

Now, technology is ubiquitous and internet is the mainstream field. The online and digital marketing methods get precedence over traditional methods. It all revolves around what we click on or swipe away.

Marketing campaigns are more active and effective with a business side, an analytics side, and a creative side. The role and functions of social media marketing differ from influencer marketing or digital or content marketing. Then there is the intent of marketing, apart from driving sales there are brand building and networking too.

5 Ways You Marketed your Business in the 80s Vs Today

Here’s a look at how things have changed between now and then.

  1. Yellow Pages vs Local SEO

The Yellow Pages was the book everyone consulted back then to find a business under a category and listed in alphabetical order. Today, the online Yellow Pages directory is only one among thousand others. Now, you look for a service on search engines and local SEO makes sure that your business is among the top results on the first page.

Local SEO is the backbone of online marketing with diligent functions like content creation, website optimisation, backlinks, keyword analysis, etc.

  1. TV Ads vs Social Media Ads

We still remember the iconic TV commercials of detergents, home appliances, and soft drinks but the field has changed. Today, local businesses prefer to put ads in Facebook and YouTube, and frankly, that’s where we see ads these days. It is much more cost-efficient. Besides, you get to market your business to a highly targeted audience.

  1. Snail Mail vs Email Marketing

Oh, the days of stuffed mailboxes! Bypassing all that printing, postage, mailing, and a limited mailer list of the 80s we have come to email marketing today. It is cost-effective, and has better success rates of engaging old and new customers alike.

  1. Blind Blanketing vs Targeting

Gone are the days when you marketed your business by putting ads in the newspaper, bought billboard space, or spent time cold calling hoping to catch the right customer. Today, the best SEO agency can finely tune your target audience to make sure your ad is seen by your perfect customer at the right time and right place.

  1. Customer Relationship vs. Customer Experience

In the 80s, customer relationship began with tracking customer interactions, driving sales, and resolving issues. Today, marketing is more invested in customer experience. It is a more holistic approach to attract and retain customers, to cater to their desires and build trust by providing a great experience.

Marketing technology is a big part of marketing budgets today. The best marketers are tapping it to find where and when to reach customers, personalise the communication, and market your business effectively.



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