Tips for Dosing Cannabis Edibles for Great Results

Cannabis foods and drinks are becoming quite popular in recent years, and it is for a good reason – marijuana has incredible benefits on your body. However, consuming marijuana can be tricky, especially if you don’t follow the right dosage.

Perhaps, you have heard numerous stories about individuals who fatally overdosed cannabis and had adverse health and body impacts. Such stories can scare you to the extent that you don’t want to try edibles. The truth is that when done appropriately – dosing edibles with a CBD calculator – you will find that eating edibles is a great way to take in the effects of marijuana more discreetly and healthily compared to smoking.

So, how do you dose cannabis edibles for great results?

How Edibles Work

Before looking at the best ways to dose edibles, it would be great to consider how the edibles work.

Perhaps, you are wondering whether smoking cannabis is any different from eating marijuana. Yes, how you ingest the cannabis influence your body’s ability to process THC, the element in cannabis responsible for the feeling of being high.

Your body will rely on the lungs to absorb THC after smoking. After absorption, the compound is directed to the bloodstream and takes effect after several minutes.

Consuming edibles is different – the body has to digest the food first, break down the edibles before absorbing it into your bloodstream. The implication is that you will have to wait for about 30-60 minutes before the effects can manifest.

3 Tips to Help You Dose Edibles Appropriately

  1. Listen Keenly to Your Body

One of the mistakes many people commit when consuming cannabis edibles is listening to the friends and not their bodies. How much cannabis you take should be determined by you and not the individuals around you.

Your friend might be able to take down two cannabis cookies with ease, but that shouldn’t push you to try two cookies if your body isn’t feeling it. It is advisable to stick to a dose that works best for you and guarantees maximum pleasure.

2. Read Labels

When purchasing any edibles from any authorized dispensary, make sure you read and understand the label. Usually, the label contains a set of instructions on how to dose the edible. Reading the label gives you an overview of THC’s quantity in the product so you can decide on what portion is ideal for you.

For example, 100 mg of THC in a given product implies that you will eat only 1/10th of the entire product to achieve a dose of 10 mg. It is advisable to avoid making edibles at home because you will not match the required accuracy and consistency. For a good experience, you must be aware of the quantity of THC you are ingesting.

3. Start Low and Slow

If you are starting out with edibles, it is advisable to stick to the motto – “low and slow.” The recommended dosage for any edible is about 10mg of THC. However, if you are a first-time user of edible cannabis, you must opt for a lower dose, such as the 5 mg option.

In case you are not feeling anything yet, it doesn’t mean you have underdosed. It is advisable to wait for about two hours before increasing your dosage. When you want to up your dose, follow the 5 mg total dosage.

Final Thoughts

Taking cannabis edibles is a significant way to use marijuana. Whereas your goal might be to feel high, it is advisable to note that edibles have different tolerance levels than smoking marijuana. The implication is that whatever your body is comfortable with if you smoke might not be the same when you consume cannabis edibles.

It is advisable to experiment carefully so you can develop a dosage that will serve you well. Ensure that you start slow and low and increase the dosage in bits of 5mg if you don’t get any feeling.



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