5 World War II Facts They Don’t Teach You At School

More than seven decades later, millions of books, documentaries, and films about the 2nd World War and one would think that everything has been said. However, if you dig a little bit beneath the rubble, you will come across very interesting facts about the war that are not taught in class. Expert offering history homework help dig into more books and resources to help you write the most captivating and unique paper.

The history you read in school books is a skeleton of what actually took place during WWII. Individuals have interesting stories about their encounters. Nations also have unique angles to share about their conquest. Since all these stories could not fit into the books, a lot was omitted. Here are five interesting facts never taught in class about WWII.

  1. The German Army Was Far Smaller Than The French

Germans overran France and even took over their capital in Paris. They even hoisted their Swastika flag up the Eiffel Tower, though they had to literly climb the tower after the French soldiers cut the lift cables. Unknown to many, the French soldiers outnumbered the Germans by far. The Germans only had the advantage of sophisticated strategy and weapons. The numbers could not help the French because they were ambushed. This created an impression that Germans were more sophisticated with their weapons and strategy. Well, the results of this battle paint a different picture.

  1. The United Kingdom Misdirected Its Energy and Resources

The UK was known for her prowess in the skies. A lot of her energy and resources were directed towards the production of fighter aircraft and weapons. The naval division also received a lot of attention. Unknown to the UK, the battle could only be won on other fronts. The UK was woken up by the fall of France. They realized that the army needed as much attention. Still, the misdirected efforts helped Britain to amerce 132,500 fighter aircraft, a fete that placed the UK above many of her rivals in the war.

  1. Allied Forces Only Lost 1% Ships

For a war that dragged for 5 years, one would have expected massive losses. However, WWII’s hidden secrets reveal that their shipping losses never went far beyond 1%. Of the 323,090 ships that sail at the time, only 4,786 were sunk. Half of that was British ships. Still, it is an impressive win for the allied forces.

  1. Japanese Had Kamikaze Rockets

The common story is that only Germany had human-guided missiles to attack ships. Japanese had Ohka or Cherry Bloom. The missiles took down several allied forces ships but did not inflict the expected damage.

  1. There Were Stronger Planes That Never Went To War

The fear of Jewish ties caused Heinkel to skip the war. Their plane He 112 was more powerful than the BF109 produced by Messerschmidt. Though He112 could climb to 20,000 feet and had a range of 715 miles, the Jewish ties generate suspicion, causing the plan to skip the war.

If I were to add one more, I would say that the last soldier surrendered in 1974, 29years after the war ended. Many other facts remain hidden. Once you unravel these mysteries, you produce a mindblowing paper that helps you to stand out.