8 Good Reasons Why We Ought To Read Classic Books

There are so many health benefits associated with reading books, and for your information, not just any books. You’ll want to ensure that the books you feed your mind with are enriching, relative, and expansive. Reading has been shown to help reduce stress, boost cognitive functions, and an overall improvement in your wellness. However, finding the right books to fill your home library shelves can be overwhelming. 

Not so many people are into classic books. But do you know what? Authors from way back then put a lot of thought into creating masterpieces that are today considered as classical. Nothing is as exhilarating as reading a book that was written decades ago. There are so many hidden secrets lying hidden in classic books, and all you need to do is find a classic book that interests you. Having said that, below are eight good reasons why we ought to read classic books. 

1. To Have A Taste Of What Used To Be

For ages, literature has been used to help people cope with various emotional challenges. This is referred to as bibliotherapy. Classic books, and as earlier mentioned, were written by authors who put a lot of thought into their writing. But you’ll have to go through classic book catalogs that could be out of print and most definitely, hard to find. 

Finding a classic book that falls within your genre of interest could be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. By this, it could mean going for used books that are still in good condition and of the best quality at that. Today, you can hop online and find a classic book that will provide you with a cathartic experience from the past. Literature from the days of yore has helped to preserve past life experiences that revolve around vengeance, liberty, and love stories that have been reenacted time and time again. 

2. Rediscovering Your Inner Strengths

Most, if not all, Classic books revolve around true-life stories from past people’s experiences. Nothing is as encouraging as knowing that someone back then went through what you are going through right now. Whether it’s from a political category, adventure, economics, or love stories, you’ll have something that you can relate with. 

This will help you to dig deeper within your inner self to awaken the beast that’s full of potential within you. Today, it’s almost next to impossible to find a book that echoes such vibrancy. Classic books are filled with strong ideas that are passionate and real. While you’ll not have to agree with all of them, you’ll have relatable topics that will help you to lead a better life and one that’s filled with purpose. 

3. Appreciating Ancient Literal Minds

Reading classics will be an indicator that you appreciate authors from back then. While most might not be alive at the moment, you’ll be in one way or the other be demonstrating gratitude to them. They left us with gifts that cannot be comprehended, and in their words, you’ll find solace, encouragement, and life teachings that are a rare gem to find. Such books cannot be found in your local library. It requires a lot of research and searching to find a classic book that you’ll appreciate. So what makes a classic book? You might ask. Here’s what:

  • A classic book will have withstood the tests of time
  • It’s readable, significant, and relatable
  • It will provide you with great enjoyment and satisfaction
  • Most classic books are epic and will be filled with real-life stories

There are over a million classic books out there waiting to be explored. Some have been stored in museums while others are well preserved in special libraries. There are also book enthusiasts who have special copies of classic books under lock and key. It’s time you created your own collection and pride yourself as an appreciator of old literature. 

4. It’s A Challenge To The Brain

It’s only in classic books that you’ll find fictional literature that cannot be matched with modern fiction. Today, modern fiction revolves around technology, and we all know that with the right technology, such as AI, such fictions could easily be comprehended. But decades back, fictional literature was fiction! Writers from old had a higher level of cognitive understanding that was complex. This is because they were great minds that invested heavily in enriching their minds with quality books. While you might agree with most authors from back then, you’ll most definitely appreciate their great minds through their writing. 

5. A Better Understanding Of Historical Events

In Alexandre Dumas père’s book, The Three Musketeers (1884), it can be understood that crime existed back then and that there were vigilantes who fought tooth and nail to ensure that peace reigned. The same applies to Piers Plowman’s book, Robin Hood (1377), which involves a character that fought for the plights of the poor in society. Through such books, you’ll learn of the political systems that existed back then, love stories (Shakespear), and the social life that exposed people to different lifestyles. These are historical events that were as real as they can be and ones you can greatly learn from. 

6. Classic Books Are More Real Than Reenactment Films

The book, Little Women by May Louisa Alcott, had its first movie adaptation back in 1994 and gained a lot of publicity at the time. But reading the book itself reveals a lot of gaps not covered by the film. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is yet another book that is packed with horror stories that can be better understood if you spend more time with the book itself rather than watch the movie. This goes to show suspenseful moments and experiences you can gain from reading a book rather than watch a 1hr 30 minutes movie. The best part is that you can read such books, even while on the go or during your coffee breaks at your workplace. 

7. It’s A Human Legacy That’s Well Preserved In Our Minds

Reading classic books transfer the thoughts of literal mistrals to you, and these thoughts and ideas can be preserved for ages to come. Some people make notes from reading a book, and you are not limited to what you can do with such books. The only caveat, however, and one you need to be careful and cautious with, are copyright laws. Replicating a book, even after an author is no more could land you into lots of trouble. For preservation purposes, you may ask for permission from copyright bodies to make copies or compliment the author through making important suggestions about a classic book. This is a great way to learn, and in the process, you’ll be enriching your mind. 

8. Classic Books Are Priceless

You cannot put a price on a book that has been in existence for centuries. Classic books contain literature from way back, and this is a priceless work of art that needs to be preserved and passed to future generations. It’s for this reason that classic books are a rare gem to find. If you have a collection of such, ensure that they are well preserved and maintained as they could play a significant role in reshaping the future.

As you can see, you have every reason to nurture your mind through classic literature. It’s a worthy cause that requires patience because, and as earlier mentioned, the books are rare to find. You’ll never regret reading a classic book from a famous author, and, especially a book that falls within your genre of interest.