8 Reasons CBD Oil Is Recommended for Sleep

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the most common ingredient in marijuana or cannabis. It has thousands of benefits such as relieving pain and anxiety, promotes heart health, and even reduces acne. There are tons of other benefits in general that make CBD an excellent substance to take to promote overall health and the ability to live an easier and more sustainable life.

According to the National Institutes of Health, roughly 30 percent of the population has issues with sleep cycles leading to a decrease in functionality throughout the day. Read on below to find 8 reasons why you should take CBD oil to decrease sleep disruptions and help with overall sleep regulation.

1.    Reduces Stress

The primary function of CBD oil when it comes to sleep is to reduce stress. This can help you in general not just when it comes to sleep. Yet, stress is also the main factor when it comes to insomnia and the inability to get a full night’s sleep. Stress can happen due to family, work, or other issues that people face in their daily lives that can go to the extent of keeping us up at night. Taking a small dosage of CBD, in this case, will help calm you down by regulating hormone levels.

2.    Regulates Sleep Cycle

Ironically, CBD can make you very alert, but this depends on the time of day in which it is taken. Taken in the morning, it will keep you alert, and taking it at night will keep you relaxed and possibly sleepy. You will not have to take it twice a day for its full effect to take place. Instead, you can opt to take it in the morning to help keep you alert and active, and its long-lasting effects will help you relax and ready for sleep at night. You can also take it at night to get a good night’s sleep to keep you refreshed for the next day.

3.    Induces Relaxation

Cannabidiol can be taken on its own or mixed with something else, but either way, when it takes effect it will release serotonin and activate the receptors. When the receptors are activated, the neurochemical creates a feeling of relaxation and reduces the feeling of anxiety. Serotonin is part of the happy chemicals in the brain which include oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins. Each one has its role, yet, when one of them is released, it leads towards the same general direction.

4.    Reduces Nightmares

In 2014 a study was created to test whether or not CBD can help with REM sleep in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s affects millions of people around the world resulting in the loss of muscle strength which leads to shaking, difficulty with walking, and can eventually lead to difficulty with speaking as well. The study showed that the patients who had Parkinson’s and suffered from daily nightmares had no nightmares upon taking CBD. The experts at ShopCBDOrganics.com state that lab-tested CBD is extremely effective in relieving anxiety and promoting better sleep. Organic CBD is much healthier, and in many regions around the world is legal unlike its non-organic counterpart or even THC.

5.    Regulating Breathing

As CBD destresses you, it gives you the ability to regulate your breathing. Hyperventilation can be an effect of stress and anxiety, therefore by taking CBD you can regulate your breathing patterns by calming down. Those who work in a stressful environment can sometimes forget to stop and take a breath every once in a while, but CBD can effectively aid in opening up the lungs and in taking stronger deeper breaths.

6.    Rids You of Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts in general such as fear, stress, depression, and anxiety are all relieved to a certain extent when consuming CBD. The calming feeling will help take your mind off of negative thoughts and help you focus on the present moment. Anxiety and fear are generally caused by something that happened in the past or is about to happen, which the calming effects of the chemical can help reduce. Studies have also shown that it has helped patients with OCD and ADHD by removing intrusive thoughts and relaxing the body.

7.    Relieves Muscle Pain

One of the reasons sleep can be difficult for people is muscle pain. CBD does not heal the pain itself, however, it is a healthy alternative to muscle relaxers and painkillers. It relieves the symptoms of pain itself by releasing another happy chemical mentioned above called endorphins. Endorphins are already released when a person is in pain, but CBD helps accelerate the process and releases more endorphins. Many athletes take the natural chemical after a workout to maintain a normal living style and create sleep regularity.

8.    CBD Dosage

CBD can either be taken as drops or infused in something. For instance, you can take CBD gummies, creams, liquid enhancers, or even in water. Some people infuse CBD in food as well which some studies show that it can help with food digestion too. The dosage depends on each person, but generally, the more you take the more relaxed you will feel. However, like everything else, too much of it can cause negative impacts and cause your body to go into overdrive. Essentially, a few drops will do the trick but there are plenty of websites that show what dosage you should take depending on your weight.

Before deciding to take CBD, you must first do all of your research. It can, to a certain extent, have negative impacts on your body depending on your physical and mental state as well as the time. Your job and region are also essential factors that must be taken into consideration as the primary will impact your abilities and the latter will affect how or when you can take it. In this case, either do as much research as possible with cases similar to yours or consult with a doctor first. A doctor will be able to tell you whether you need CBD or not, the dosage, and the time in which you should take it.



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