Who Would China Prefer in the White House – Biden or Trump?

Photo by Sami Keinänen, Creative Commons

While China is trying to find ways to become the dominant superpower around the world, Donald Trump’s re-election would likely prove favorable for China’s growth.

Trump has been consistently enraged with China following the spread of the virus and the resultant pandemic. He has consistently blamed the Chinese authorities, to an extent where the novel coronavirus was referred to as the “Chinese virus” by the president.

Ever since the opening of formal ties between China and the U.S, their relations have become extremely icy and have been in a constant state of near-cold war with each other.

In one of the “America First” banners at a Trump rally, he called China the biggest threat to the United States and the democracy of the country.

Trump has consistently worked towards debilitating China’s efforts. He further launched a trade war against China that has cost China billions of dollars and even affected tech firms. Trump has consistently blamed Beijing for the pandemic.

But, even with all the tumultuous relationships, the re-election of Trump in November could be beneficial for China and President Xi Jinping’s motive behind the rise to a global superpower.

Trump has pulled away from some of the most influential Asia-Pacific commercial deals. And, where Trump has pulled away from these deals, Jinping has stepped up his game.

With this opportunity thrown his way, Jinping has pulled through and styled his country as the master of free trade, thereby elevating China’s global standing. He has also placed China as the leading country against climate change technology. From companies such as tech firms to those proposing vaping as a good alternative to actual cigarettes, China is roping in its position where the U.S is pulling away.

Trump has tried to put a lot of political and economical pain to China. With China losing a lot of its exports to the U.S, it has drastically affected their trade plans for technology in the long run.

In January 2020, China and U.S called a truce with their trade wars by obliging Beijing to import American products worth $200 billion over the coming two years. This could very well range from types of machinery to cars and salient products.

But, soon enough even Washington reverted against Chinese tech firms, accusing them of being a threat to security, especially with the predominantly popular entertainment app, Tik Tok. Even Huawei has been on Trump’s hit list.

Even with all these downsides, China is likely not going to do any better if Trump loses the presidential election this year to Biden.

Beijing has constant worries of Biden winning the election and renewing the American leadership concerning human rights and further pushing China around the edge.

Several experts even suggested that Biden is likely going to be a lot tougher than Trump, in terms of human rights issues.

The issues are still messy and unclear on the trade standpoint between the U.S. and China as well, especially when Biden is elected in place of Trump.



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