A Brief History of 6 Interesting Games in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds

The history of games dates to long ago. Games were used to pass the time, but some people used them to learn and share life’s experiences. Techniques of the games varied from one person to another. People’s intelligence was also measured by how they performed at a particular game. Board and dice games were one of the most popular games by the 18th century. People could play as they gathered to relax and narrate the day’s events and occurrences. Look at some of the exciting games played in the ancient time:

There Was Viking Chess

Archaeologists in Scotland unearthed a Viking site. They thought it was a medieval monastery. A game board was found scratched into a circular shape above the buried layers. Viking chess is played by pitching a king and 12 defenders against 24 attackers lining around the board’s edges.

There was Medieval Mill Game

The medieval mill is a game board inscribed into the top of clay bricks. To play, you have to be two players who took turns to move, and in case a player built a mill of three pieces in a row, they get an award which is the opponent’s choice. The person who gets to take most of his opponent’s pieces becomes the winner of that match.

Lewis Chessmen

Chess has been in existence for many centuries, that is, since the 12thcentury. It comes with 93 playing pieces. The pieces are divided into four sets, with the most significant works portraying medieval kings, bishops, warders, and nights. Carvings of standing stones represent the pawns. To play chess, you need strategies, just like when playing situs slot. Two players played chase at a time, but you could organize a tournament where winners from one game play another game-winner.

There was Norwegian Knight

It is a different version of chess which was played in Europe. It has pieces representing a knight from chess. It is also played on a board with two players who compete to at being innovative. The game is simple; hence it was trendy in ancient times.

Game of Go was Also Available

This game was famous in china, and being one of the oldest games, it became popular. The most exciting part is that game go did not evolve, and people were still playing it in its original form. Besides, it was meant to instill discipline to sons by fathers. It is still played today in China, with professionals competing in a go-game tournament.

There was Also the Greek-Roman Dice

The game is believed to be adopted from Greeks by the Romans. It entails throwing the dice that have been carved from stones, bones, ivory, or crystal. The game entailed throwing the dice in turns as you skip boxes. The game has another version with 14-sided dice, but it was played a long time ago in China, that no one remembers the rules.

There were so many ways of entertainment in the 18th century. Like playing situs slot playing the dice and board required you to be creative and intelligent to increase your winning chances.



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