African-American Student Assaults White Student for ‘Cultural Appropriation’ (VIDEO)


By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.30.2016:

An African-American college student employee at San Francisco State University, Bonita Tindle, harassed and physically assaulted a white student, Cory Goldstein, for “cultural appropriation” because he had dreadlocks. See video from Nicholas Silvera:

Goldstein has declined to file charges against Tindle, as has the person operating the phone camera who was also assaulted at the end, whom she angrily asked, “Why are you filming this?”

Tindle approached Goldstein as he spoke with another student and told him that he shouldn’t be wearing dreadlocks because it’s “her culture”.

““You’re saying that I can’t have a hairstyle because of your culture? Why?”, Goldstein asked.

“Because it’s my culture,” Tindle said. “Do you know what locks mean?”

As Goldstein tried to leave, Tindle physically attempted to stop him and he told her to stop. She then warned him not to put his hands on her. “You put your hands on me, you’re going to learn,” she said.

Police were called but no charges were filed beyond the complaint.

Tindle’s actions are entirely antithetical to what we should be working toward. Yes, various cultures are special to those who are a part of them. Goldstein is clearly not African-American.

But cultures are not “owned”.

We cannot tell people that they are not allowed to experience each culture in their own way, to learn from it and from those who are part of it.

Her actions were completely out of line and disciplinary action should be taken by the school. Racism in any form, by anyone, is unacceptable.

We would not put up with a white student assaulting a black person in a Scottish kilt for trying to “appropriate” his culture, and we can’t put up with this either.

Wrong is wrong, from either angle.