Best Strategy Games for Small Learners

A two-player game of Qwirkle at the end of play, at the Finnish board game festival in Helsinki, Finland / Photo by JIP, Wikimedia Commons

Children need a perfect fusion of education and entertainment in their lives. You can’t always force them to study because it can make them rebellious. Instead of becoming a villain in front of your children, choose the best games for them. Lots of age-appropriate games are available on the internet.

Encouraging children to play games will help you to become more ambitious and self-confident. Remember, each game requires them to follow its rules. In this way, you can teach them how to follow the rules in their life. Here are some fun and strategic games for your children to play during their leisure hours.

Online Poker Games

Parents may not like the idea of playing poker or casino games with their children because of their reputation. Remember, casino games and gambling are two different things. Poker has numerous benefits for your brain; therefore, you can choose online games for your children.

The sbobet88 can be a safe platform to play for free. There is no need to accompany your children to casinos, but let them play poker at home. Teach them the rules of this game and notice the improvement in their mental skills.

Catan for Junior

It is an adventurous game for people of all ages. Players can get the advantage of modifier playing styles so that the young players can experience the wonders of this world. If your child is younger than 5, it can be a suitable game for him/her.

In this game, the players build hideouts on a mysterious island. This island has a ghost captain. Every player has to generate goats, wood, swords and molasses. To win the game, each player tries to control the hideouts of seven pirates.


Mindware offers Quirkle with plenty of fun and in-game choices. It is an ideal game to polish strategic planning, forward-thinking and tactical maneuvers of players. This game has some basic rules, such as use matching tiles to build lines and increase the score.

The children will find it interesting to build complicated combinations. With this game, it is possible to challenge the mind of your children. Qwirkle is suitable for children of all ages. It enables kids to hone and develop their problem solving, planning and recognition skills.

Fish Stix

The peaceable Kingdom offers Fish Stix for children. With this strategy game, you can improve the cognitive skills of your kids. This game is easy to play without any strategy. Remember, children of all ages like to play this game. It will be fun for everyone to catch fish.


For visual discrimination, cooperation and deduction, outfoxed is a suitable game. A missed prized pot of Mrs Plumpert becomes a chase of chicken. Players have to move around to gather clues.

An evidence scanner is available to find out the suspect. Players have to work quickly as a team because high-tailing fox can leave the place. This fox is actually guilty for stealing the pot. You will find this game suitable for players of different ages between 5 years and 15 years.