The Third Punic War: Carthago Delenda Est!

Antonine baths ruins / Photo by Aymen, Wikimedia Commons The Carthaginian assault on their Numidian neighbours gave the Romans the perfect excuse to crush this troublesome enemy once and for all. By Mark Cartwright / 05.31.2016 Historian Introduction An artist’s impression of what the Roman naval attack on Carthage may have looked like during the[…]

Ancient Carthaginian Society

Brysa Hill ruins / Creative Commons The had an international blend of skills and cultures was a recipe for success. By Mark Cartwright / 06.16.2016 Historian Introduction Phoenician or Carthaginian amulets in the form of bearded heads made of sand-core glass, 4th-3rd century BCE (Cagliari, Museo Archeologico Nazionale) / Photo by Carole Raddato, Flickr, Creative[…]