Whatever You Think, You Don’t Necessarily Know Your Own Mind

David Blackwell/Flickr/Creative Commons By Dr. Keith Frankish / 05.27.2016 Visiting Research Fellow Open University Do you think racial stereotypes are false? Are you sure? I’m not asking if you’re sure whether or not the stereotypes are false, but if you’re sure whether or not you think that they are. That might seem like a strange question. We all know[…]

Mind-Body Dualism: What is Consciousness?

Photo by Saad Faruque, Creative Commons By Dr. James Fieser / 05.01.2016 Professor of Philosophy University of Tennessee at Martin Introduction A 47 year old man named Carl Miller died of cancer, and at the moment he was pronounced dead, a series of carefully-orchestrated procedures was performed on his body. A team standing by began cardiopulmonary support to[…]

Why Panpsychism Fails to Solve the Mystery of Consciousness

Consciousness is indeed a hard nut to crack Photo by PIVISO/Flickr By Dr. Keith Frankish / 09.20.2016 Visiting Research Fellow, Open University Adjunct Professor, Brain and Mind Programme, University of Crete Is consciousness everywhere? Is it a basic feature of the Universe, at the very heart of the tiniest subatomic particles? Such an idea – panpsychismas it[…]

Thich Nhat Hanh: The Four Layers of Consciousness

By Thich Nhat Hanh / 09.14.2017 The Inner Workings of Our Minds Abhidharma, Buddhism’s map of the mind, is sometimes treated as a topic of merely intellectual interest. In fact, says Thich Nhat Hanh, identifying the different elements of consciousness, and understanding how they interact, is essential to our practice of meditation. The Vietnamese Zen[…]