Sipping the Feels: Cooking with Love, the Most Important Ingredient

Don’t forget, the most important ingredient of all, no matter what you’re cooking, love. By Julia AbelsohnJournalist Introduction Thick black clouds of smoke mixed with the smell of sweet red peppers roasting in their skins fill our nostrils and drift over the fence towards my neighbour Mike’s yard. I am in my garden with my[…]

Royal Recipes in Mid-19th Century India

Some exciting recipes from the first cookbooks printed in Indian languages. The cuisines detailed within these books graced royal courts for nearly two millennia. By Dr. Abhijit Gupta Associate Professor of English Jadavpur University    Which was the first-ever cookbook in India? Candidates for this honour must be many and pretty much impossible to determine, but[…]

Chocolate, The Food of the Gods

The magical substance: Cacao Fruit and Leaf, November 27, 1783, Jan Brandes. Graphite and wash on paper, 19.5 × 15.5 mm. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam The association between chocolate and love stretches back centuries. This Valentine’s Day, indulge in a decadent aphrodisiac recipe you can make at home. By Maite Gomez-Rejón / 02.12.2015 Chocolate. The ultimate aphrodisiac. Once available only[…]

New York Restaurant Employs Cooking Grandmas Instead of Professional Chefs

Photo: Enoteca Maria/Facebook 10.12.2016 When it comes to tasty food, nothing beats grandma’s cooking! Well, except maybe more grandmas cooking in the same kitchen, which is exactly what goes on at Staten Island’s Enoteca Maria, a charming restaurant that employs grandmas from various parts of the world, instead of professional chefs. Enoteca Maria owner Jody[…]