Dating the Sun’s Prenatal History Can Help Find Life on Other Planets

A new approach to dating the birth of our solar system could help find other similar systems. Flickr/Dmitry Boyarin, CC BY Without the sun, there would be no Earth – but amazingly, we don’t know the finer details about the prenatal history of our sun.    By Dr. Maria Lugaro (left) and Dr. Alexander Heger (right) / 08.08.2014[…]

Dwarf Planetary Systems Will Transform the Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life

Detail from an impressionistic poster of the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system. / Amanda Smith, IoA    By Dr. Amaury Triaud and Dr. Michaël Gillon / 05.02.2017 Triaud: Kavli Institute Fellow in Exoplanets, University of Cambridge Gillon: FNRS Researcher, University of Liège Written speculation about life beyond the confines of Earth dates back thousands of years, to the time of the Greek philosophers[…]