The Discontent of Happy Endings

By Beth Lee-Herbert / 10.14.2017 Finding Satisfaction in Dissatisfaction We long for resolution. We long for life to wrap itself in the pretty package of a happy ending. Sometimes we seek fulfillment from material things, sometimes spiritual, sometimes from life itself: Falling in love, finalizing the divorce, having a baby, finishing the degree, finding the perfect job, retiring. We[…]

Why and How to Let Go of Fear

By Dr. Bruce Lipton / 10.03.2017 Stem Cell Biologist The Science behind Collective Awareness Scientists have known for a long time about the ‘biological imperative’, an inherent mechanism that engages the drive to survive. How it’s activated is unclear, but every organism, from a bacterium to the most advanced creature, can read the environment and[…]

Thich Nhat Hanh: The Four Layers of Consciousness

By Thich Nhat Hanh / 09.14.2017 The Inner Workings of Our Minds Abhidharma, Buddhism’s map of the mind, is sometimes treated as a topic of merely intellectual interest. In fact, says Thich Nhat Hanh, identifying the different elements of consciousness, and understanding how they interact, is essential to our practice of meditation. The Vietnamese Zen[…]

Bhutan’s Remarkable Recipe for Happiness

By Azriel ReShel / 09.13.2017 How to Create Global Wellbeing Sandwiched between India, China and Tibet, the tiny mountain kingdom of Bhutan is home to some truly big ideas. Here, happiness is designated by law, and in the 1970s an official policy of ‘Gross National Happiness’ was embraced. Today, nearly 50 years on, Bhutan’s ‘happiness guru’, Saamdu Chetri,[…]

The Neuroscience of Compassion

By Azriel ReShel / 08.30.2017 Unlocking the Magic of Compassion A recent flood near where I live put many people’s homes and businesses under three metres of water. The natural disaster left the community devastated, and left me scratching my head at the judgement that came from some people towards the victims of the flood. Instead of[…]

Five Tips for Mastering the Art of Enough

By Elizabeth Millard / 09.01.2017 The Freedom of Letting Go of ‘Stuff’ Do you sometimes snack mindlessly on mediocre food? Buy clothes that don’t really fit? Binge-watch TV shows when you really need sleep? You’re not alone. Our culture has become almost fanatically centered on consumption of all types, and it’s affecting our health, happiness,[…]

What Can the Brain Reveal about Gratitude?

New research is exploring the brain regions linked to gratitude—and it helps explain gratitude’s many benefits. By Dr. Glenn Fox / 08.04.2017 Postdoctoral Researcher in Neuroscience University of Southern California Imagine you are on the run from a Nazi manhunt and are taken under the protection of a stranger. This stranger spends the winter providing[…]

Methodology, Meditation, and Mindfulness: Toward a Mindfulness Hermeneutic

Photo by José Feliciano Cerdeño, Flickr, Creative Commons By Balveer Singh Sikh, and Deb Spence / 04.25.2016 Abstract Understanding the nondualistic nature of mindfulness is a complex and challenging task particularly when most clinical psychology draws from Western methodologies and methods. In this article, we argue that the integration of philosophical hermeneutics with Eastern philosophy and practices may provide[…]

Learning to See Happiness in Endings

Photo by Daniele Civello, Creative Commons New research suggests that anticipating the end of a good experience is an effective—but counterintuitive—way to enjoy it more. By Kira M. Newman / 07.19.2017 A last bite, a last chapter, a last meeting, a last kiss—every day, good things in our lives come to an end. Endings are sad,[…]