Thessaloniki, Greece: Shedding an Ottoman Presence to Recall a More Distant Past

White Tower in Thessaloniki, Greece The Ottoman Empire captured Thessaloniki in 1430 and ruled it until 1912.  The port became one of the Ottoman Empire’s principal trading centers. By Dr. Stacy E. Holden / 01.22.2018 Associate Professor of History Purdue University The people of Thessaloniki, Greece embrace the enigmatic White Tower as their city’s landmark. Seventy-five[…]

Unfolding Narratives in the Pierre de Gigord Collection

Three Girls, 1890, photographer unknown. Albumen print. Pierre de Gigord Collection of Photographs of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey. The Getty Research Institute, 96.R.14 A collection of photographs from Ottoman Turkey offers a complex encounter with collective memory. By Hande Sever / 06.25.2018 Art Historian Before coming across the Pierre de Gigord Collection, I[…]

What the Turkish Referendum Means for the Divided Country’s Future

Photo: Elif Sogut/Getty Images After a long campaign, President Tayyip Erdogan has finally achieved his long-sought goal to rewrite the constitution. By Kiran Nazish / 04.28.2017 Pots and pans, whistles and hoots erupted in alleyways in Istanbul, the city where a majority of citizens voted “No” in Turkey’s referendum last week. Thousands crowded the streets[…]