Encouraging Students to Revise What They Write

While writing can be a challenge, so can finding the motivation to revise one’s work. By Dr. Narmada PaulPostdoctoral Scholar in Educational PsychologyUniversity of Kentucky Introduction When high school students get into the habit of revising their writing, it has a positive impact on the quality of their work. Despite the proven benefits of revision, students often resist making[…]

Censoring Class Consciousness in the Nineteenth Century

Restrictions on cinema were folded into a more complex global matrix of censorship, lies, and selective truth-telling. By Eric Berkowitz, J.D.Writer, Lawyer, and Journalist “The barbarians that threaten society,” declared a French legislative deputy in the early 1830s, are the “[working classes] of our manufacturing towns.” In France, and throughout nineteenth-century Europe, elites were intent[…]

Preparation Tips on Writing an Impeccable History Essay

Sometimes, the creation of a top history essay can be a challenge. Let us look at what one needs to do if they want to develop an impeccable history paper. Find Out the Teacher’s Requirements Regarding the Paper In whatever writing assignment you will be given in school, understand that there are those conditions that the teacher[…]

Featured Scholar: Ewan Clayton and ‘A History of Writing’

Issues of urgent interest for a society living in an era of unprecedented change to the tools and technologies of written communication. Book by Dr. Ewan ClaytonProfessor of DesignUniversity of Sunderland From the simple representative shapes used to record transactions of goods and services in ancient Mesopotamia, to the sophisticated typographical resources available to the[…]

Where Did Writing Come From?

The rise, fall, and rediscovery of cuneiform. By Shelby BrownClassical archaeologist and classicistEducation Specialist for Academic and Adult AudiencesJ. Paul Getty Museum Introduction In a world in which immediate access to words and information is taken for granted, it is hard to imagine a time when writing began. Archaeological discoveries in ancient Mesopotamia (now mostly modern[…]

Writing as a Method to Express Yourself: From Ancient Times to Our Days

Writing is one of the activities that makes us humans so unique. For thousands of years, the human race has been attempting to record its thoughts and experiences with various forms of the written word. From its beginnings, the written word has become one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to[…]

Think You Know Your Rhetorical Structures? I Can’t Even…

All rhetorical techniques are designed to enhance one of the three pillars of communication: ethos, logos and pathos. Benson Kua We all use rhetorical structures. But, unless we’re skilled in their use, as politicians and advertisers clearly are, we don’t necessarily grasp their full manipulative power. By Dr. Joan Leach / 02.02.2016 Professor and Director, International Programs Australian National[…]

New Strategies for Integrity in Academic Journal Publishing

Locking articles away behind a paywall stifles access. Elizabeth, CC BY-NC-ND By Dr. Patrick Burns / 11.05.2017 Dean of Libraries Vice President for Information Technology Colorado State University Imagine a researcher working under deadline on a funding proposal for a new project. This is the day she’s dedicated to literature review – pulling examples from existing research[…]

When Stories Add Up: The Six Narrative Arcs in Fiction

Classic narratives. From Cinderella, 1950. Photo by Rex Features By Veronique Greenwood / 11.18.2016 In recent years, literature has been getting attention from an unusual quarter: mathematics. Alongside statistical physicists analysing the connections between characters in the Icelandic sagas, and computer scientists exploring the life and death of words in English fiction, a team of mathematicians at the University of[…]

Should You Feel Sad about the Demise of the Handwritten Letter?

‘You spoke of Hope surpassing Home, I thought that Hope was Home – a misapprehension of architecture.’ Emily Dickinson letter to Otis Phillips Lord. / Amhurst College Library By Dr. Siobhan Phillips / 04.12.2017 Professor of English Dickinson College A lot of people love personal letters now that very few people write them. We have publishing initiatives such[…]

In the Garden

© Illustration by Jenny Reynish F.T. Kola was born in South Africa, grew up in Australia, and lived in London and New York City before pursuing an MFA at the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas, Austin, where she is a fellow in fiction. By F.T. Kola / October 2016 My princess[…]

The Emotional Toll of Freelancing

YES! Illustration by Jennifer Luxton. How to cope with anxiety, self-doubt, and “the check’s in the mail.” By Brandon Ambrosino / 09.11.2016 I’m currently waiting for around $10,000 worth of paychecks to reach me for freelance writing projects I’ve done. Most of these projects were completed months ago. Some editors have since gone silent, leaving[…]