CBD and Sports

In recent times social attitudes toward cannabis are shifting in the wake of a growing body of scientific evidence showing clear benefits of its use for many people. Because in many sports, the use of loose-leaf cannabis is strictly prohibited, many athletes opt to vape CBD products. Here are the five health benefits many professional sportspeople are reaping from it.

Chronic Pain Management

Many studies show that the use of various CBD products helps with chronic pains. While many people relate pains with sporting injuries, many athletes suffer from chronic problems caused by continually exerting their bodies almost to the limit. Pushing yourself to be stronger, faster, and better; every day takes its toll on the body. Whether they vape it, use it topically, or as edibles, CBD has the potential to help with chronic muscle soreness and joint pains.

Exercise Recovery

Muscle soreness is not related only to chronic issues. Exercising puts a mechanical strain on muscles and tendons. Such stress causes micro-injuries of muscle fibers, and their repair is a natural part of muscle strengthening and performance improvement. But soreness and accompanying inflammation process caused by this natural occurrence can severely limit the recovery. Whether it is after a competition or an exercise session, recovery is by many sport health experts touted as the most important “activity” for getting back in top condition. CBD products both speed up and improve the quality of recovery by influencing the three most impactful elements, stress, inflammation, and sleep.


Many people presume that multi-million dollar contracts remove all stresses from the life of pro athletes. But the pressure of competing, performing at the highest level bot on the field, and practicing takes a tremendous psychological toll. Consequences of this are often depression, anxiety, mood swings. And these issues both negatively impact the athlete’s ability to perform and to recover. Many studies show that the ingestion of CBD by vaping or edibles can reduce anxiety and depressive states. And also, many pro sportspeople have experienced these beneficial effects first hand. Another well-known fact of sports psychology is the impact of mood on performance. A relaxed and calm mood is one of the crucial requirements for top performance.

Sleep Quality

One of the benefits of CBD vaping on mood is the increased quality of sleep. Conventional wisdom is that athletic performance is improved in training and training alone. But scientific studies show this to be wrong. High-quality sleep is equally essential as much as high-quality exercise. Stress, muscle soreness, anxious state impact have a considerable negative effect on the quality of sleep. Many scientific studies show that CBD’s use positively affects the quality of sleep and its length. For pro athletes, when it comes to sleep, quality and quantity are closely related.

Reduction of Inflammation

Inflammations are complex reactions of human bodies to mechanical stress, not just injuries and chronic problems, but exercising and competing too. Often, such inflammations can lead to a decrease in mobility and aches that disrupt the recovery of pro athletes. Scientific studies show that CBD use can decrease both inflammation and swelling of the tissues that accompany them. While this is very beneficial for many people suffering from chronic conditions, it is also very beneficial for sportspeople. Top performance comes from a combination of quality training and quality recovery. Acute inflammations are something that delays the start of recovery. The use of CBD helps athletes to begin this process as soon as possible and thus always be on the top of their game and prevent them from becoming chronic issues.

Though the social attitudes toward cannabis and its products are quickly shifting, many sporting bodies lag behind. While THC, one of its active components, is strictly banned, CBD is not. When it comes to professional athletes, it has shown many benefits. This doesn’t classify it as a performance-enhancing substance, but certainly helps them to achieve their absolute best.



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