Coffee with Barbecue: Say What?!

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Wondering how coffee and barbecue will go hand-in-hand? Check out this guide to understand how to make this killer combination!

The cravings for a shot of espresso is just what we need to feel pumped up again. And love for that power of caffeine might have inspired barbecuers to come up with this brilliant recipe!

We can hear you muttering ‘what?’ at your screen. Don’t feel weird now; get excited because we’re going to show you new ways to use coffee in the summer menu.

For your next barbecue use an overtone of coffee on your meat whether it’s pork, chicken, beef ribs, or even on a rack of lamb. You’ll be surprised with how your taste buds are struck with a sprinkle of little coffee beans on the fresh cut of meat!

The marriage of coffee and meat with a chilled drink in the side makes a perfect combo. We’ve found some exciting ways to incorporate a few portions of coffee in your barbecue session. 

Hold on! You need to be creative for the following extensive read as we help you get ready for a brilliant experience….

1. A flavor-rich java rub

One of the most popular ways that we use coffee for a barbecue is by rubbing it onto the meat. The contrast of the bitter flavor in coffee to the sweet barbecue flavor is a staple among many barbecuers. You can use either medium grind coffee (Guatemala Antigua, Ethiopian Lekempti, and Ethiopian Yergacheffe), dark roast or espresso. 

There are different recipes that you can try out or get the ready-made coffee rubs for a great treat. With a good rub, you can clarify and accentuate the flavors that are already present in the meat. But, an excellent rub is what we need for a touch of something extra…that will enhance the overall taste and eating experience.

When you’re making slow-cooked meat on the grill without any seasoning, did you notice how the meat on the outside chars up gradually? Well! You can add an intriguing twist to this experience with a thick layer of rub. When you make rubs with pepper and salt, it’s the pepper which chars, but adding coffee can give you a more complex and crunchy flavor.

Having the right grill does complement the quality of the food that you’re making. So, get ready for your summer barbecue party with these amazing products.

2. Finger-Licking Barbecue Sauce

When you make your barbecue sauce, there is a complete new level of flavor added to it. Do give brewed coffee a try it’s an excellent ingredient that mixes perfectly well. We have a simple recipe lined up for you which you can follow:

  • 1 tablespoon of Bourbon Whiskey (Take any brand that you prefer)
  • 2 tablespoons of Tabasco sauce (we prefer Chipotle Tabasco or regular ones)
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly ground black pepper
  • 4 ounces of espresso or strongly brewed coffee
  • 1 bottle of BBQ sauce

If you’re planning to brew your coffee, then put triple the number of coffee grounds, and brew around 4-6 ounces. In case of espresso, you need 2-3 doubles. Mix all the ingredients well till you get the desired consistency. Apply this sauce in the last 15 minutes when the barbecue is almost done. 

You can also add other ingredients like cilantro, fresh garlic, or apple juice.

3. Try Out the Coffee Gravy and Jam

It can get a little challenging as we try making a new recipe but, when the outcome is perfect, our joy knows no bounds! We recently tried out the gravy and jam toppings, and coffee was indeed the main ingredient. 

The fat drippings that you get after cooking your pork is what we have used to make the gravy. And to get that wake-me-up kick we have added strong coffee to our mixture.

For the barbecue-inspired jam, we have used the bacon trimmings, strong brewed coffee, and a few other ingredients. We enjoyed having this bacon jam as a topping for our grilled burgers, salmon steaks, and pork chops. You can try a spoonful of this, and you’ll be amazed with its revolutionary flavor.

4. Barbecue Hack: Coffee Filters

If you’re barbecuer and you often enjoy a cup of coffee, then you do have a secret vault in the kitchen! You can use a coffee filter for various meat recipes. And it comes of great use when you’re trying to strain out any lumps from a fine mixture. 

For instance, if you want to inject a solution into the meat with a small syringe, you can run the liquid through a coffee filter to remove the unwanted chunks.

You can repeat the same process even for straining the meat juice to make your gravy. With this hack, you can save some money and time from cleaning or having to buy a fine mesh strainer.

Final words

With summer around the corner, we welcome eat-outs and slow weekends. And coffee is going to add a new dimension to your meat which you can’t achieve with regular salt and pepper. Start prepping to experience this magically delicious flavor of coffee BBQ!



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