Federal Report – Global Warming Making Us Sicker (REPORT LINK)


Climate Health

In this March 5, 2004 file photo, a man walks along a path lined with elm trees in Princeton, N.J.. The recent spring-like weather has a big downside for allergy sufferers: Tree buds, the first being elms… (AP Photo/Daniel Hulshizer, File)

From Seth Borenstein (AP) with The Seattle Times / 04.04.2016

Man-made global warming is making America sicker, and it’s only going to get worse, according to a new federal government report.

The 332-page report issued Monday by the Obama administration said global warming will make the air dirtier, water more contaminated and food more tainted. It warned of diseases, such as those spread by ticks and mosquitoes, longer allergy seasons, and thousands of heat wave deaths.