Historical Jewelry Trends Making a Comeback

When Emma Stone stunned the media with her engagement ring – a unique design featuring a pearl as the central piece surrounded by tiny diamond details – her choice of ring may have seemed unique but in fact the penchant for pearls hails back to olden days. These natural gems, produced within the shells of mollusks, were actually a popular choice for both wedding and engagement rings up until the 19th century in both Europe and America. Pears are just one of many gems that are finding their inspiration in days gone by and modern jewelers are also harkening back to the past when it comes to metals and styles. Just three modern trends based on past fashions can be found below.

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings

In the same way that pearls are making their way back to engagement designs, so too are colorful gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Sapphires in particular make a particularly good substitute for diamonds because they come in all the hues that diamonds do (except for transparent varieties of course). Pink, green, and blue sapphires abound both in wedding jewelry and casual and gala jewelry collections alike. In order to complement the beauty of sapphires, opt for designs which also feature diamonds or pearls; stones and gems with lighter hues will bring out the deep blue of your stone. You can dress sapphires and other colored gemstones up or down. For a casual day look, stack your elegant sapphire bracelet or necklace with chains and other gemstone pieces bearing stones with complementary hues.

Art Deco Designs

Art deco jewelry takes its cue from the beautiful forms of nature. Flowers, plants, and animal forms are lent an extra grace through the incorporation of unique curves and arches that make these pieces worthy of contemplation. Art deco jewelry first came to the fore in 1920 and it continued to make its mark until 1935. Pendant earrings, bracelets, and necklaces were made in white gold and often bore calibre cut stones (cut to fit a specific design) and filigree detailing. For the finest examples of art deco jewelry, check out designs by Paul Brandt, Raymond Templier, or Rubel Frères.

La Vie En Rose

There is something about the warm sensuality of rose gold that has made it a staple in the collections of a plethora of modern designers – from Cartier and Bvlgari right though to affordable brands like Monica Vinader. Rose gold, a blend of yellow gold and copper, began trending in the mid-19th century, with famed Russian icon, Carl Fabergé incorporating this material into his beautiful ‘egg’ designs. It enjoyed a big comeback in the late 19th century (the Victorian era) and has been in and out of vogue ever since. Today, it is a highly coveted material used alongside a wide array of gemstones – including fire opals, citrines, white diamonds, blue topazes, amethysts, and red garnets.

Everything old is new again, with both vintage and art deco designs sitting nicely on jewelry shelves alongside minimalist and classic designs. Just a few trends from old that have made a comeback include gemstones, art deco designs, and pink gold. If you would love to try out one of these trends but you’re on a budget, know that these designs are as popular in the collections of costume and affordable fine jewelry designers, as they are in those of high-end boutiques.



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