How to Translate Genealogy Documents

Translation of genealogy documents remains one of the most challenging tasks since it involves research and detailed transcribing where one has to check with the listings from the national archives, church records, family letters, and the hospitals. As a rule, ancestry translation always depends on the initial amount of available information as it helps the translator to continue with more hints regarding the geographical location and possible misreadings in the records. Thankfully, there are palaeography specialists who are ready to work with the old handwritten materials and provide you with a digital copy of your precious documents in several languages.

How to Translate Genealogy Documents

The records translation always takes some time and effort because everything has to be checked twice before any work begins. It means that a translation specialist sends a request to the national archives or any other institution that seems appropriate in the case. In some circumstances, there are only family records that are handwritten, which means that professional help from the palaeography specialist will be necessary. Unless there is already a transcribed document that you have at disposal, the translator will have to cooperate with the palaeography expert to determine all the terms used, personal names, and titles. It is recommended to have a look through the Pickwriters to pick the service that fits your specific needs. Remember that even if your information is incomplete, translators in the field of genealogy will contact the archives along with you and will help identify the information. This kind of translation is not only special but also rewarding as one discovers valuable facts about the family’s roots.

In case you have already tried to solve the mystery of the old family records, puzzles, and the cryptograms written in a perfect Spanish or German crawl, you might already pass palaeography for beginners course and may proceed to professional help. The secret to finding a good specialist that will help you is always keeping in touch and discussing the discoveries as they occur. While it is always possible to start with the searching and translation of certain parts on your own, there is always a risk to make a mistake, which can become a critical misreading.

In addition to getting your genealogy documents translated without mistakes and have the old letters in a digital format, there are few more advantages of working with an expert:

  • Your documents are treated by professional translation agencies. It means that a person with relevant credentials will check through every possible clue given in an old letter or a document that relates to your family. It includes solving complex puzzles and marking out the dates, and the information that may be crucial.
  • They will contact the national archives from all over the world. Genealogy translators will contact the special access archives and will be able to explain what kind of information is necessary to find in a native language. It is one of the greatest benefits of hiring a specialist because while you can use Google Translate or some online translation app to identify some details, contacting national archives might prove difficult.
  • They mix translation tools with the decryption software that is usually hard to master without due preparation. It is a reason why genealogy experts can cope with most records translations that they encounter. Their work includes puzzling out the words since they already have clues as to what a word may be or where it leads. Using special software, they will also scan through the list of possible linguistic meanings before they know it for certain.
  • Understand the meaning and importance of documents in your hands. In addition to providing you with a high-quality translation, they will also explain the meaning of a document and may point out the possible cues that will help you seek further or request another translation research related to what has already been discovered.

Will My Genealogy Documents Be Safe?

There is no need to worry about the safety of your family documents since a translation specialist may visit your place with a special scanner. Alternatively, visit TheWordPoint of your choice to discuss your concerns. In most cases, they will use special scanners that are meant for picking every detail of the old documents, so it will only take about fifteen minutes before they will hand the original documents to you. Speaking of confidentiality, such translation services always keep your information safe, so even if they discover something, you still have the original.


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