Investment Benefits for Owner-Occupied and Medical Buildings

Photo by Madcoverboy, Wikimedia Commons

A real estate investor can use diverse investment strategies to generate steady income. Nowadays, the concept of owner-occupied real estate buildings is becoming popular. These are commercial or multi-unit residential real estate properties.

Owners choose to reside in one of the units and earn rental income from remaining units. You can find two types of owner-occupied properties:

  • Mixed-use
  • Commercial
  • Multi-family

In owner-occupied properties, the owners must choose a property as their primary residence. Sometimes, they can occupy half or even more retail space.

Benefits of Owner-Occupied Property Investment

These properties frequently attract higher grade tenants because of different reasons. For instance, it is possible to avoid untidiness and loud music in these properties because of the presence of the property owner.

In these buildings, you can directly screen potential tenant for commercial real estate. With a multi-unit property, you can earn enough revenue to pay installments of a monthly mortgage. Moreover, you will have a healthy income for your family after a mortgage payment.

Property owners can get the advantage of tax deductions on operating expenses. The owner can deduct the entire cost of a rented unit after a repair. Owner of the property can sell a property easily with an increase in the value of the property.

Control on Irritating Activities

Late night parties and unnecessary fights are becoming an integral part of society. If you are living in an owner-occupied medical building, you can avoid these things. For this reason, these types of buildings attract more people.

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Low Cost of Property Management

In owner-occupied building, investors can avoid the expense of hiring property management companies. The owner is responsible for tenant screen, maintenance, care and other tasks of property management. It will help you to save thousands of dollars.

Investment in Medical Building

Nowadays, life is incomplete without healthcare providers. For your successful and long life, you will need the advice of a medical practitioner. For this reason, investment in a medical building can be beneficial for you.

Resilient Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is an important sector facing rapid growth. Buildings of medical offices are recession-proof. Customers can pull back on entertainment and dining spending during a downturn, but medical cost stays consistent.

You will need immediate medical attention for a broken arm or toothache. For this reason, it will be beneficial to invest in medical buildings. These tenants have strong credit. Medical buildings are famous for long-term, high-credit tenants.

Desirable Locations

In numerous cases, these buildings are located in one-stop-shop, desirable locations. All these things offer a stable and healthy environment to increase your profit. Diverse nature of these buildings makes your investment fruitful.

You can get a variety of medical tenants in these facilities, such as plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, primary doctors, ophthalmologists, laboratory, etc. By working these tenants, it is possible to manage a healthy stream of income.