Jab over Java: Why Use Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer?

If you make coffee every day, you have an amazing source of organic matter right at your fingertips.

Text and Presentation by Rob Backyard Gardenerr

Coffee grounds are a great source of nitrogen. They also provide a decent amount of potassium and calcium, as well as a few other minerals!

The nitrogen won’t be immediately available, but the potassium, calcium and other minerals will be! Also, used coffee grounds are not acidic, as most of their acidity has been washed away during the process of making your cup of coffee! In fact, they are very near a 6.5-6.8 PH level!

When you consider the fact that they offer an NPK of 2.1-0.3-0.3 to the soil, they are a very solid “free” resource for most people. If you are not a coffee drinker, you can ask your local coffee shop for their daily coffee grounds to add to your garden, compost bin, or as a mulch.

Published on YouTube, 06.27.2016, by Rob Backyard Gardenerr, republished with embed permission.



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