Scientists Beat the Alarm: Levels of Methane Increasing Rapidly in the Arctic

Photo: Ove Hermansen, NILU

From Trude Pettersen at The Independent Barents Observer, “The levels of methane increased sharply from 2013 to 2014, and preliminary results from measurements in 2015 indicate a continued strong increase. The results and measurements show that the concentration in the atmosphere of the main greenhouse gases with high anthropogenic emissions has been increasing over the period of investigation since 2001.

The levels of methane, which is the second most important greenhouse gas from human activities after CO₂, is the highest ever measured.”

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Scientists don’t need a U.S. Congressional committee to agree with the science or a vote to confirm it.

When the damage has progressed to the point of being irreversible, as some already has, “Oops, we were wrong” won’t do any good and won’t excuse anyone.