The Extortion of Haiti by France in the Early 19th Century

After enduring decades of exploitation at the hands of the French, Haiti was forced to pay a tax for their freedom – $30 billion on today’s money. Introduction I’m a specialist on colonialism and slavery, and what France did to the Haitian people after the Haitian Revolution is a particularly notorious examples of colonial theft.[…]

A Voodoo Pilgrimage in Haiti

A scholar went on a Voodoo pilgrimage in Haiti and learned how an oppressive slave past has shaped its religious present. By Guilberly LouissaintPhD Student in AnthropologyUniversity of California, Irvine Introduction In July, hundreds of pilgrims make their way to an isolated town in the northwest of Haiti, called Anse-à-Foleur or Ansafolè. The journey celebrates[…]

Inside the Kingdom of Hayti, ‘the Wakanda of the Western Hemisphere’

In 1811 a former slave named Henry Christophe anointed himself ‘First Monarch’ of the ‘New World.’ For 10 years, he ruled over a part of modern-day Haiti, becoming a global media sensation. By Dr. Marlene DautAssistant Professor of African DiasporaUniversity of Virginia Marvel’s blockbuster “Black Panther,” which recently became the first superhero drama to be[…]

Haiti’s Declaration of Independence: Digging for Lost Documents in the Archives of the Atlantic World

By the late nineteenth century, no official copy could be found of the document that introduced Haiti on the world stage and announced a citizenry united as one people: Haytians. On the first of January, 1804, Haiti became the second independent nation in the Americas. The Haitian Declaration of Independence was the triumphant culmination of the[…]