How CBD and Kratom Can Help to Improve Your Fitness

People have adopted some substance in their quest to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Among the prevalent chemicals is the synthetic supplement, which has been found to have several negative impacts on human health, particularly in fitness enthusiasts. As a result, Kratom is a safer alternative to synthetic supplements for fitness goals. Although[…]

Why Do We Need to Employ Kratom for Bodybuilding Today!

The world entertains different hobbies, and some of those hobbies turn into passion. When that happens, goals become a daily part of life. The dedication and enthusiasm make you want to push yourself as far as possible. One such passion is bodybuilding. Their dedication toward their bodybuilding is always visible to the world.  For people[…]

Kratom: Science and the Risks and Benefits of a Controversial Herb

Kratom, which has been linked to many deaths in the U.S., has been grown in Southeast Asia for centuries for tea. Why the ill effects now? By Dr. Christopher R. McCurdyProfessor of Medicinal ChemistryUniversity of Florida College of PharmacyUniversity of Florida Introduction Kratom, a traditional Southeast Asian herbal medicine from the leaves of the tropical[…]