The Puritans “Purify”: Theocracy in Colonial Massachusetts

Any idea of separation of church and state was anathema until our Framers, knowing this history, guaranteed it. By Murray N. Rothbard The Massachusetts colony was organized in towns. The church congregation of each town selected its minister. Unlike the thinly populated, extensive settlement of Virginia, the clustering in towns was ideal for having the[…]

The Puritans and Civil Religion

The fact that the Puritans had left England to escape religious persecution did not mean that they believed in religious tolerance. Introduction The bravery and initiative of the Puritans served as a source of inspiration for colonists during the Revolutionary War. Later, the framers of the Constitution would look to the Puritan era in history[…]

A History of Immigration to Boston: Eras, Ethnic Groups, and Places

Examining different time periods and ethnic groups to document the history of a city where immigrants have long been a vital force in shaping economic, social and political life. Eras of Immigration First Wave Immigration, 1820-1880 During the nineteenth century, Boston evolved from a bustling port town to a booming industrial city. Through landfill and[…]