Seizure of Looted Antiquities Illuminates What Museums Want Hidden

Middlemen often photographed their wares after receiving them from the tombaroli (grave-robbers). Introduction Over 20,000 precious art objects were seized in a raid at dawn — what can this tell us about beauty, theft, and the museum? On July 4, 2018, Europol and the Italian Carabinieri’s Division for the Protection of Cultural Heritage announced the[…]

Museums Preserve Clues That Help Scientists Predict and Analyze Pandemics

Genetic information that could help finger the next infectious threat is stored in museums around the world. Introduction In less than 20 years, communities around the globe have been hit by a string of major disease outbreaks: SARS, MERS, Ebola, Zika and now, COVID-19. Nearly all emerging infectious diseases in humans originate from microorganisms that[…]

Keeping Indigenous Cultures Alive with Living Museums

In Namibia, San people are finding ways to adapt to modern life whilst keeping their culture and connection to ancestors alive. By Ludovica Iaccino Introduction The scorching sun illuminates the golden rocks scattered across the Erongo region, in central-western Namibia. Yellow mountains, typical of this area, envelope a small, fictional village that attracts plenty of[…]