Sipping the Feels: Cooking with Love, the Most Important Ingredient

Don’t forget, the most important ingredient of all, no matter what you’re cooking, love. By Julia AbelsohnJournalist Introduction Thick black clouds of smoke mixed with the smell of sweet red peppers roasting in their skins fill our nostrils and drift over the fence towards my neighbour Mike’s yard. I am in my garden with my[…]

A Healthy Microbiome Builds a Strong Immune System to Help Fight COVID

The microbes in your gut influence how your immune system reacts to bacteria and viruses. Introduction Takeaways Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria that are vital for keeping you healthy. Some of these microbes help to regulate the immune system. New research, which has not yet been peer reviewed, shows the presence of[…]

How Crisco Toppled Lard – And Made Americans Believers in Industrial Food

Marketers decided to focus on the ‘purity’ of factory food processing – a successful strategy that other brands would mimic. Introduction Perhaps you’ll unearth a can of Crisco for the holiday baking season. If so, you’ll be one of millions of Americans who have, for generations, used it to make cookies, cakes, pie crusts and[…]

Evidence Confirms Health Benefits of an Ancient Chinese Sweetness

Examining two recent discoveries in goji berry chemistry and shedding light on how and why they are beneficial to your health. What in the Heck Is a Goji Berry? For those of you who aren’t yet familiar, (worry not, you’re about to be) goji berries (fruits of Lycium barbarum –L. and Lycium chinense –Mill.) originate from and have[…]

Friedrich Haberlandt’s Failed Vision: Soy in European Food Cultures, 1873–1945

The “age of extremes” from 1914 to 1945 created renewed demand for cheap supplies of protein. One of the attractions at the 1873 Viennese World’s Fair was the exhibition of the Japanese Empire. The exhibits included Japanese flora, among them soybean plants. The soybean had been part of Japanese and other East Asian food cultures[…]

A Comparison of Ancient Greek and Roman Sports Diets with Modern Day Practices

Examining the dietary and physiological requirements of a modern athlete and contrasting this with those of ancient Greek and Roman athletes. By Dr. Adrian Paul Harrison (not pictured) and Dr. Else Marie Bartels (above)Harrison: Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of CopenhagenBartels: Honorary Research Fellow, The Parker Institute, Copenhagen University Hospital Abstract With the[…]