The New Deal: FDR’s Attempt to Deliver the Chickens Hoover Promised

Roosevelt felt the needs of people took precedence over a strict budget in times of hardship. Roosevelt’s Election In 1928, Herbert Hoover ran for office at the height of American prosperity. He promised “a chicken in every pot,” and there was every indication he could deliver. A short four years later, the nation had plummeted[…]

A Brief Historical Overview of FDR’s Two ‘New Deals’

The term New Deal derives from Franklin Roosevelt’s 1932 speech accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. Introduction The New Deal was a set of domestic policies enacted under President Franklin D. Roosevelt that dramatically expanded the federal government’s role in the economy in response to the Great Depression. Historians commonly speak of a First[…]

Executive Order 9066: Exclusion and Ostracization under FDR

With war approaching, Roosevelt sought information on Japanese Americans from government intelligence agencies. Introduction The 32nd president of the United States, President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945), signed Executive Order 9066 , which authorized the mass removal of all persons of Japanese descent from the West Coast. Roosevelt then approved their subsequent incarceration in concentration camps. Perhaps[…]

A Message Too Far: The House Reprimand of Theodore Roosevelt in 1909

Only four representatives dared to speak up in his defense. The Speech Laughter flooded the House Chamber, rising from both sides of the floor and cascading down from the crowded galleries. Atop the marble rostrum Speaker Joseph G. Cannon of Illinois, looking to regain order, banged his gavel so hard that he cracked the top[…]

1936, When FDR Was Bent on Creating a ‘New Political Order’

True or False? Franklin Delano Roosevelt claimed to be a conservative defender of the nation’s founding ideals. True or False? Franklin Delano Roosevelt claimed to be a conservative defender of the nation’s founding ideals. If you answered “both,” you’d be correct. We don’t tend to think of FDR as a conservative today, and at certain[…]

The American People and the New Deal

The idea of the “people” as a united force suffused the imagery of the New Deal era. By Dr. Michael KazinProfessor of HistoryGeorgetown University In 1941, director Frank Capra and scriptwriter Robert Riskin, a passionate New Dealer, created Meet John Doe, an allegory of a failed fascist takeover of the United States. The film concludes[…]