The 5 Key Tips to Move Your Small Business Without Losing Your Mind

Whether you are a big business or a large one, if you are planning to relocate, you must know one thing for sure- It is a tough job! Planning and executing a seamless business relocation is what every business owner aspires, however, the process is too time and resource consuming that even the best managed businesses have failed and suffered with losses. You need to be very organized in order to minimize the downtime and ensure that you move to the new space with your sanity.

No matter what the reason behind your office move, you need experts has the largest network of moving companies that are readily available to help you relocate your business. While the best movers take responsibility for safely packing and moving your office supplies, there are various operational aspects of the business that you need to attend to. If you want to make your business move as efficiently as possible, we have compiled this guide with some tried and tested tips that enable you with ways to have a hassle free move.

1- Start with creating a timeline for the move:

Your office has a lot of equipment and furniture contained in it and it is important that you have a full-proof plan to move it to the new station. It is very important that you sit with your team and discuss the current situation in the office and how and what you want to move to the new business address. It is very important that you discuss your budget beforehand to ensure you do not have to struggle at the end.

Chalk out a moving timeline with details of everything that needs to be moved and when. Make sure you know when to start the packing and other moving related work. It is important that you communicate the big news to your staff in order for them to prepare for the move in advance. The employees must also be made aware of the moving timeline so that they know when and what change to expect.

What you need to schedule is specific to your business. You will have to check for utility connections, data servers, licenses, insurance policies, necessary permits and more. Always evaluate the size of your office. You must know that the larger is your office, the more time you will need to plan.

2- Pay attention to resource allocation:

While you may have already started emphasizing on budget planning, there are many other resources that you need to consider when planning a relocation. Resources like time, manpower, etc. are also crucial to evaluate and assign. You need to allocate your resources to different tasks in order to ensure optimum utilization of resources. From budgeting to decluttering and finding the best moving companies, make sure you have a team of high-potential candidates to take care of various processes. When you take help from your staff, the workforce feels involved in the process and offer their best possible.

3- Arrange for professional help well in advance:

From movers to professional cleaners, you will need some professionals to work on various processes with you. However, if you wait for the eleventh hour to hire all these experts, you will have to bear some extra expenses. Booking in advance gives you the power to negotiate well. Last minute hiring is not only mistake prone but because you are in a hurry, you get whatever you are offered at whatever price.

Moreover, professional movers and cleaning companies also offer great discounts on advance booking and hence booking in advance can be very helpful for you if you want to stick to your budget.

4- Let the vendors know about the move:

It is recommended that you inform all your vendors about the moving process well in advance. Ideally, you must send a formal communication to the vendors 1 to 3 months before the relocation. Not informing the vendors in time can affect your supply chain. Besides, there are many day to day supplies that you need for effective functioning and you certainly don’t want to miss them out as you start working in your new office.

5- Change the address everywhere ad spread the word:

Your stakeholders including your consumers have the right to know about the change of address. In fact, companies that keep stakeholders in loop when relocating to a new place are considered more credible than those who don’t. Make sure you make the news public through the right channel and also update your new address on different platforms, including your website, business cards, letter heads, etc. This will help you get the new communication at the right address. Moreover, let the stakeholders know the exact date of relocation and also from when you will be available at the new address. This way the stakeholders will be able to direct their communication and other requests at your new office address.

Whether you are buying a franchise or need to relocate because the lease ended, you must follow the set protocol and start preparing for the big change in advance. These tips are vital to follow if you want to maintain your sanity as you relocate to your new office space.



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